15 Things to Avoid: Baby Care & Safety

Secure a Toy 15 Things to Avoid: Useful tips for Baby Care. Here are things that look silly but can be potentially dangerous for your baby.

There are several things that we do everyday, several things that we use everyday, and though they could be useful or a way of life for adults, it may not be the case with babies.

Here are things that may seem silly or trivial, but could pose safety hazards to your little one.

  1. Balloons and plastic bags can be a choking hazard, so never let your baby play alone with them. Also, avoid leaving plastic dry cleaner bags near the baby’s room because your baby might pull off pieces and choke on them.
  2. Avoid putting magnets on the refrigerator door because if they break, the small pieces can cause a choking hazard.
  3. Avoid stuffing too many large toys in the playpen, especially if you’ve an older baby, as he/she might use these to climb out.
  4. Avoid putting solid foods, like cereal, in your baby’s bottle as it may pose a choking hazard. Never give your infant any small, hard foods, such as nuts, popcorn or raisins.
  5. Never heat bottles in the microwave because the milk could get too hot and burn your baby.
  6. Baby Care & Safety

  7. Put stuffed animals or dolls, that hold cassette tapes, away from your baby when he/she has gone of to sleep (the tapes can pose a risk).
  8. Avoid clothes that has loose ties or strings for your baby, because these could cause strangulation.
  9. Avoid keeping loose (& heavier) objects in the back seat of the car, when the baby is in the car seat. If you apply brakes suddenly, the objects may fall on your baby.
  10. When holding your baby with both the hands, avoid also holding a sharp object such as car keys in your hand, as it may prick your baby.
  11. Never leave a baby alone in a parked car, for any reason.
  12. Here’s a useful video that talks about child seat safety:

  13. Never leave your newborn baby with a toddler, even if they seem to be getting along well. Toddlers can unintentionally hurt the baby, as they are stronger & heavier compared to infants. Also, their nails could hurt the baby.
  14. Same goes when you are out in the park or garden, and your baby steers towards toddlers who are playing games / football, as your child may get hurt.
  15. Avoid giving crackers or other bread products to your baby all day, as they can fill your baby up, and can make him/her less interested in more nutritious foods.
  16. Never put off decorating your nursery because you might not have time after the baby arrives.
  17. Never leave your baby with someone you don’t know.

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