Top 10 reasons to use baby stroller bumper bars / belly bars

Baby Jogger adjustable Belly Bar

Top Baby Stroller Bumper Bars reviewed here. A bumper bar gives your little one something to hold onto while seated in the stroller. Another reason why its useful is because it lets you attach fun toys to the stroller to keep your kids entertained, when you’re out with your family. These are also great for your little ones to bite, squeeze or kick. Not all new strollers come with a bumper bar, in which you need to buy them separately. Its easy to order a spare or replacement bumper (or grab bar), these come with cover, ready to attach to your buggy. Checkout Stroller Bumper Bars on Amazon.

Bestselling Bumper Bars / Belly Bars

Here we take a look at the best stroller bumper bars. The Belly Bar gives your child a safe and comfortable area to hold on to while strolling. Soft padded bar for child to grip. Toys can be secured to the bar for your child’s entertainment when out on long strolls or on those busy shopping days.

Almost all of these bars have a soft grip all around for safety. If your baby leans too far forward, waves their arms, or kicks their legs and hits the Bumper Bar, the soft grip will not hurt them.

Baby Jogger Belly Bar

For use on single strollers, compatible with the City Mini, City Mini GT, and Summit X3 single strollers. Adjust it using a Push-button. Machine washable cover. Strollers fold with the Belly Bar attached.

Generic Bumper Bar for Babyzen YOYO YOYO+ Baby Stroller

Easy to install, each side of the Bumper Bar clamps onto the frame. Queen size make of Oxford Cloth.

Uses of Bumper / Belly Bars

Bumper bars are great for attaching toys onto, but there are other uses to it as well.

Bell bars are more of a utility bar and not meant to stop children from falling out (that’s the job of the straps), although its great to have the bar as a backup.

  1. Useful for hanging toys
  2. You can hang a towel, spare cosy toes & footmuffs from the bar
  3. Keeps your little one occupied.
  4. Can kick it (the toys) while lying down. Some babies love to rest their legs on the bar. Several kids love to lie back (in a chilled manner) with their feet casually resting on the bumper bar.
  5. Kids love to hold on to the bar and see what’s going on around.
  6. Provides your child with a soft padded area to hold/lean on to. Some kids just love holding onto the bumper bar, sitting in an upright position, especially when something interesting has caught their attention
  7. Some love to do pull ups on the belly bar
  8. Its also great from a safety point of view, if the buggy was to ever to tip and roll over (would still recommend strapping in children)
  9. Helps protect baby from collisions with walls, posts, people.
  10. On some baby travel systems, where the seat comes out, the belly bar can be used as a carry handle to lift the seat off the tarvel system. (just check if the one on your stroller is sturdy enough…read the manual)

Bumper Bars are easy to attach to strollers and usually are also equipped with removable covers (so that you can clean it if needed). Most strollers easily fold with the bumper bar attached to the stroller, so its definitely not going to bother you.

Bumper Bars / Belly Bars: What to Look For

  • The best bumper bars are the ones where the child console is also attached (has little sections built-in that can hold snacks).
  • The best belly bars are adjustable so that its at the right height for your baby.
  • Most bars come with a zip off cover so that you can easily remove it and clean.
  • If you don’t find any use for the bumper bar, feel free to remove it as it gets in the way, especially when folding (some bars can also be folded down along with the stroller).
  • Preferably, buy a stroller belly bar that has a hinge on either side so you could leave one side in (instead of having to take the whole thing out) when getting your kids out of the stroller.

Things to Keep in Mind

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a Bumper Bar for your baby stroller.

  • A bumper bar acts another layer of safety for the baby in a pushchair, it effectively keeps the child in the stroller if any unexpected accident occurs.
  • Most bumper bars fit various brands of strollers, but just make sure it fits the one that you have/
  • The bumper bar of the pushchair should not interfere with the fold-ability of the stroller. You don’t have to remove the bumper bar in order to fold a baby stroller / pushchair
  • You can add/remove the cover of the bumper bar to suits your tastes/aesthetics.
  • Buy a few stroller toys for your little one that you can hang on the bumper bar to keep your child entertained.

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