Baby stroller footrest / footboard

stroller footrest

Baby stroller footrest / footboard to make your kids more comfortable.

Lot of kids sit on a chair with their legs dangling (not touching the ground), which becomes uncomfortable after some time. A footrest solves this problem.

Some strollers do come with a footrest but they are not big enough, or the legs won’t reach (because they’re not adjustable) and so the legs will eventually dangle.

You’ll this accessory (known by various names – Footrest, Feet Extension, Footboard Armrest) for your child when s/he’s over a year old (depending on their height).

  • Stroller footrest extension makes it more comfortable for the baby/toddler while sleeping in the stroller
  • These are wide enough to accommodate your baby’s feet (both of them), for kickback and for relaxing
  • A footrest is also handy as a catcher (when the child tosses his/her toys down, they fall on the foot rest, so you don’t have to bend down and collect it, keeps the toys germ-free)
  • The lightweight design of these adjustable leg rests easily slips into your carry-on

Generic Extended Booster Seat Footrest For Babyzen YOYO YOYO+ Stroller

Philandteds – Dash Plastic Footrest

The dash foot well provides a resting place for the feet of the child on board, in the main seat of your dash stroller.
This plastic foot well can be replaced using a standard screwdriver.

G2/G3 stroller seat footrest
Replace a lost or damaged footrest for the G3 Stroller Seat.

One of the users suggested this DIY stroller footrest, using a snack tray as a footrest.

Attach velcro to both the end of the stroller (where the length of your baby’s feet would go) and use a snack tray (or an old snack tray from another stroller) as a footrest. You will need to drill and screw the snack tray on the ends. Avoid wood as it would become too heavy.

Should you really be getting a footrest extension for your stroller, assuming yours didn’t have one?

As one user puts it, its the parents who feel uncomfortable looking at the dangling legs of their little ones and assume they’re uncomfortable. Most kids don’t complain. If given the option of a legrest, some kids seem to like them, whereas some don’t.

Updated: January 22, 2018 — 9:29 am

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