Best baby strollers for air travel

best travel strollers

Best lightweight airplane travel strollers make getting through the airport and on to the airplane a lot easier. Frequent fliers would agree that its really nice to have a lightweight travel stroller. While you may be allowed to store a very compact travel stroller in an overhead bin on a plane, technically most travel strollers do not fall within the carry-on luggage required size dimensions. It is much more likely that you will be asked to gate check a travel stroller, and its recommended too.

Best Baby Strollers for Airplane Travel

The Quinny Yezz Stroller has an innovative design perfect for travel. Many parents declare this the best stroller for air travel thanks to its crazy compact size.

Quinny Yezz Stroller - Grey Road
List Price: $279.99
Price: $259.99
You Save: $20.00
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Infant or Baby Travel Stroller: Features

Here are some of the most desirable features in a stroller that is suitable for air travel.

  • Lightweight: The lighter the better – without giving up too many features. Most are around 12 lbs, but some go as low as 10 lbs.
  • Collapsible: It should be easy to collapse and it is nice if it can stand on its own.
  • A Five Point Harness: Keep your baby secure with a 5 point seatbelt harness that ideally converts to a 3 point as they grow.
  • Option to Recline: It is nice if your stroller has a reclining option for naps. Please note that only strollers that recline to flat are suitable for newborns (some let your add a baby bassinet or infant bucket car seat to the stroller).
  • Large Shade Canopy: An extendable or adjustable sun canopy is a nice feature if you are visiting somewhere hot and sunny.
  • Air Vents: It is also nice if the stroller has an option to zip open an air vent to keep your child cool in hot weather.
  • Large Storage Basket: A large storage basket under the stroller can be quite useful to keep all baby stuff
  • A Stroller Carry Strap or Carry Bag: allows you to sling the stroller over your shoulder. Likewise, to protect your stroller when gate checking it, you may want to invest in a stroller carry bag.

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