Best baby stroller for the beach /sand

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Best stroller for beach /sand: Lot of parents love going to the beach and would prefer to own a stroller that would work smoothly around town and also on the beach.

Unless it’s a jogging stroller, most strollers will struggle to move in the sand because of the resistance. There are many parents who prefer taking their strollers to the beach, as it provides a place to change the baby, and also for the little one to nap.

Strollers with larger wheels work best on send, which means most jogging strollers would work fine. For the sand, the bigger the tires the better, so make sure to get a true jogger. However, whatever stroller you use, you may have to get some extra help on the softer deeper sand, but once you get past that, the jogging strollers work fine.

One parent bought a baby jogger that worked like a charm at the beach. But it’s big and may not be great in crowded areas. Maybe you should get separate stroller just for the beach, an all-terrain type of stroller. Other option is to buy a cheap stroller (under $50) as the sand and salt will most likely ruin the stroller in the longer run.

Jogging strollers with a front swivel wheel are great for the beach, and see if you can find something without metal wheels/rims as they could rust. Make sure you rinse the wheels after use.

Updated: December 30, 2017 — 4:52 pm

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  1. You should worry about sand getting into parts of the stroller that need to stay lubricated. I personally won’t take my good stroller onto the beach but instead got one of those step 2 type wagons w/the chunky wheels. Works great for the baby including a seat belt to keep them seated and also works to tote other beach gear.

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