Best baby ‘stroller hooks’ (and clips), top 10 reasons to use them

baby stroller hooks

Best stroller hooks & hangers: Essential accessories for your stroller, scooter, wheelchair, walker and rollator. Do you struggle to find a space to carry all of your bags when shopping or out for a stroll with the baby? These stroller hooks virtually fit any stroller or shopping cart handle, and are made from durable, heavy-duty aluminum. Its foam grip keeps it from slipping or sliding. Just snap it on and you’re ready to roll! These are even handy for taking bags from your car to your home.


So you have am awesome stroller, you go out for shopping with your baby. So how are you going to manage to carry all those stuff? Where are you going to put it?

That’s where stroller hooks are such important accessories.

Using these universal stroller hooks, its easy to carry all your shopping bags, changing bags and more. Checkout these useful stroller accessories and you will be totally hooked on to these stroller hangers (well, at least, all your useful items will be).

These hooks provide you with an easy and convenient method to hold onto all your belongings that you may have, when on-the-go.

Best Stroller Hooks

Here are some popular multi-purpose stroller hooks:

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JJ Cole Collections Stroller Attachment

JJ Cole Collections Stroller Attachment
JJ Cole Collections Stroller Attachment, great mix of utility, convenience, and style.

The JJ Cole Collections Stroller attachment is the perfect accessory for attaching your diaper bag to a stroller. Its a definite must for any new mom or dad. The material used is sturdy, and it offers a simple way to attach a bag to the stroller. In fact, it gives you options for attaching many other items on the stroller.

With this accessory, there’s no need for you to carry the diaper bag on your back or keep it in the stroller’s basket (you can use it for something else). If you’re a new mom (or dad), this is a simple & convenient way to carry the diaper bag. The hardware is strong and can hold the heaviest of diaper bags. When not in use, just secure this connector to the stroller by clipping the metal clasp to the loop so they won’t fall off the handle.

JJ Cole Collections Stroller Attachment: Demo / Video Review

Here are more features of the JJ Cole Collections Stroller Attachment:

  • Perfect solution for attaching your diaper bag to a stroller
  • Designed to fit securely in place which prevents the diaper bags from slipping
  • Look nice and are easy to attach to the stroller
  • Weight: 2.9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 2.2 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches

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Overall, JJ Cole Collections Stroller attachment offers the perfect solution for attaching your diaper bag to a stroller or shopping cart. Its designed to stay securely in place and prevent bags from slipping.

Think King Jumbo Swirly Hook for Strollers/Walkers

Perfect hook for the center bar of your stroller to hold multiple bags diaper bag, purse or shopping bags. No clip means you can slip items on and off with only one hand and the unique spiral shape means your bag stays on securely. The hook is easy to attach with a gripper velcro strap that will fit any bar but will not slide around or fall off. Made of strong and lightweight aluminum, these hooks are designed to outlast your stroller.

Holds multiple bags
Unique spiral shape designed for ease of use and security
Extra wide hook for wide bag handles
Easy to attach with velcro strap that stays put, will not slide around
Clipless hook makes it easy to slip items on/off with one hand]

The Mommy Hook Stroller Accessory: For Strollers & Shopping Carts

The Mommy HookThe Mommy Hook: The must-have stroller accessory to carry your bags, useful for strollers & shopping carts. Use this hook and keep both hands on the stroller while on busy streets.

For most women (and even men), who’re out shopping or taking a stroll with their kids, one of the challenges is to manage all the stuff along with the several bags they have. ‘The Mommy Hook’ offers an easier solution for all those moms. You just have to attach it to a stroller or the shopping cart handle, and it takes care of all your bags.

The Mommy Hook saves you from hauling diaper bags, extra shopping bags, water bottles, kids toys, and other things.

It keeps the bags securely locked to the stroller, and can also serve as a handle for toddlers who wish to walk on their own but need something to stick close by.

You can take it for shopping, camping and you can always find new uses for it. And kids love to hook & unhook it.

the mommy hook for strollers

And its not just for moms, one father used the stroller hook to hang his skateboard while pushing his little one around town.

The Mommy Hook: Video Review

The Mommy Hook: Features / Specs

  • Comfortable foam grip. Heavy-duty aluminum. Perfect for strollers and shopping carts
  • Made from durable, heavy duty aluminum
  • Foam grip ensures it stays in place and doesn’t slip or slide all the time.
  • Fits virtually any stroller or shopping cart handle
  • You may even use it to carry bags from your car to your home.
  • Comfortable foam grip and is built with heavy duty aluminum
  • available in various colours
  • Dimensions: 0.8 x 4.7 x 6 inches, Weight: 4.8 ounces

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As you can see, the Mommy Hook is definitely a woman’s best friend when going shopping.

You can checkout their official website here.

Hook ‘n’ Stroll: Swivel Stroller Hooks

Hook 'n' Stroll: Swivel Stroller HooksHook ‘n’ Stroll swivel stroller hooks: Useful stroller accessory to hold shopping bags, diaper bags and purses.

These multipurpose swiveling hooks come in really handy when you need those extra pair of hands. It has got a versatile design that allows the hook to be easily attached to a horizontal or vertical bar.

You can use these stroller hooks not just on your stroller bar, but also on wheelchairs, car seat headrests and more. You can use this accessory to hang items like shopping bags, diaper bags and purses.

  • The hook swivels completely…360 degrees
  • Comes with adjustable Velcro strap
  • Easy to install
  • Hooks together hold 11 pounds
  • Two pack and black color
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 1.5 inches, Weight: 1.4 ounces

Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Clips: Review

Stroller Clips by Freddie and SebbieThese Luxury Velcro Stroller Clips by Freddie and Sebbie does all the heavy lifting for you, so that your hands are free to take care of other important things and to attend to your children’s needs.

Moms who usually struggle carrying all those diaper bags, toys, shopping bags and a great deal more while pushing strollers at the same time. That is where this little accessory indeed makes a big difference to them. These stroller clips are designed to keep shopping bags safe and secure, and relieves your hands and shoulders from heavy weight, while walking around town with your little one.

If you have a great deal of things to carry, and the compartment below the stroller is just not large enough, these stroller hooks certainly come in handy.

These hooks can be used on different brands of stroller. “Because you can use 2 stroller hooks at a time on each end of the stroller, you can distribute the weight by attaching a diaper bag on one side and your handbag or some shopping bags on another which prevents tipping over of the stroller.”

The Velcro function is a great addition as it avoids the need to adjust it to fit different stroller handles.

These child-friendly stroller hooks do not have rough or sharp edges, so they won’t cause any harm to your little one.

These stroller clips attach to any type of stroller bar – horizontal, diagonal or vertical!

More features of Stroller Clips by Freddie and Sebbie:

  • Designed to fit all strollers
  • Heavy duty strong metal clips, these are not plastic clips and are made with strong quality materials
  • Clips locks for security, allowing you to secure your valuables
  • Stays firmly fixed to the stroller handles
  • Doesn’t leave any marks, won’t scratch or damage you stroller
  • Weight: 1 ounces, Dimensions: 8 x 2 x 0.5 inches

About Freddie and Sebbie: Freddie and Sebbie Kids Line products includes a range of useful baby products & accessories, built to the highest standards in quality, safety, and offers good value for money.

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If you’re looking for a useful stroller accessory that will do all the lifting for you, and is child friendly, do consider the Stroller Clips by Freddie and Sebbie.

BabyBubz Multi Purpose Stroller Hooks

BabyBubz Multi Purpose Stroller HooksBabyBubz Multi Purpose Stroller Hooks: These are useful hangers that come really handy when Jogging, Walking or Shopping. Use it for hanging Baby Diaper Bags, Groceries, Clothing, Purse and more.

When you’re out with your kids, there are so many things that you have to think about – attending to the children, pushing the stroller and carrying bags. That is why you need all the help to make things more convenient for you when you’re outdoors.

These Multi-Purpose Stroller Hooks are one such accessories that that allow you to free yourself to push your stroller properly and more safely.

Here are some more features of these stroller hooks:

  • The hangers takes care of the bags while you keep both hands on your stroller to ensure the safety of your children
  • It can safely carry diaper bags, purse, clothing and more without any problem
  • Strong & Sturdy hooks with capacity to hold 6 pounds each (that’s strong enough to carry even a small pet… 🙂
  • Attaching to any stroller is a breeze because of the Velcro Straps
  • Swivels 360 degrees for super convenience
  • 2Allows you to focus on your child’s needs instead of your bags
  • Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 4.9 x 1.3 inches, Weight: 4 ounces

babybubz multi purpose stroller hooks

Overall, these multi-purpose stroller hooks are a great help when outdoors and really makes your outings enjoyable and comfortable.

Stroller Hook – 2 Pack of Multi Purpose Hooks

The Secret to Carrying Your Bags, Pushing Your Stroller, and Attending To Your Children, All at the Same Time, Without Losing Control – OR Your Mind!

Introducing The Multi-Purpose Storller Hook

– Keep both hands on your stroller to ensure the safety of your children
– Push and steer your stroller correctly
– Easily maneuver over hill and dale, sidewalks and pathways
– Securely carry diaper bag, purse, clothing and more without hitch or hiccup
– Address your child’s moment-to-moment needs instead of your freight

Strong! Velcro Straps make attachment to any stroller a breeze
Swivel allows 360 degree rotation for super convenience
Strong & Sturdy hooks hold 6 pounds each, even a small pet… 🙂

Stroller Hooks Baby Cargo Stroller Accessories Diaper Bags Holder Attachments

Why not make those trips with your precious cargo easier?

Why Mommy Einstein stroller hooks are superior to similar products:

-Designed with the highest quality materials, these are not only ideal for baby cargo strollers but are also BPA free.
– These stroller attachments are built to last and are rated higher in strength to similar products.
– At Happy-Homes we are a family run business that uses are own products. That said, when we produced these we demanded that these were of the highest quality.

EASY TO USE : Stroller hooks come with easy fastening Velcro attachments.
DURABLE : Easily attach any baby stroller accessory. These will hold up to 15 pounds each.
SAFE : Made with integrity and quality , these baby cargo stroller hooks are BPA free.

Extra Large Stroller Hooks for Mommy By Toogli

WHY STRUGGLE to get a handle on diaper and shopping bags when you can take a load off your weary arms with Toogli’s extra large carabiner style stroller hooks? These stroller clips are perfect for hanging diaper bags, shopping bags, purses, toys and more.

DESIGNED TO FIT on every stroller and baby jogger, no matter how big or small.
XL CAPACITY means that there is virtually no limit to the amount of gear you can lug around with you!
STYLISH AND RUGGED, these hooks look great and are made from virtually indestructible aircraft grade aluminum and will last forever making them one of the best selling stroller accessories on Amazon.
ADD TO CART with confidence knowing that your purchase is backed by Toogli’s no-hassle, better than money back guarantee. If you EVER decide you aren’t happy with your purchase, we’ll happily refund every cent and even cover your shipping costs!

Think King Mighty Buggy Hook for Stroller, Wheelchair, Rollator, Walker, 2 Pack

Think King Mighty Buggy Hook for StrollerThink King Mighty Buggy Hook can be used for Stroller, Wheelchair, Rollator, or Walker. You may use it to hook up a diaper bag, purse, shopping, lunchbox or anything you want to hang from your stroller. It’s like a 3rd hand when you’ve got too many items to hold. Made of strong and lightweight aluminum, these hooks are designed to outlast your stroller.

Each hook is super easy to attach to the stroller and comes with a gripper velcro strap that will fit any bar and will not slide around. Allows you to slip items on/off with only one hand and deep U shape can hold extra wide bag handles. They hold your bag close to the stroller so the bag does not hit the wheels or ground. Each hook is super easy to attach with a gripper velcro strap that will fit any bar and will not slide around. You will wonder how you ever strolled without them.

Buy Think King Mighty Buggy Hook on Amazon
  • Strong aluminum hook that won’t break
  • Looks sturdy and not cheap
  • Easy to attach with velcro strap, will not fall off
  • Deep U shape can accommodate extra wide purse/bag handles
  • No clip makes it easy to slip items on and off with only one hand
  • Holds your bag close to the stroller so the bag does not hit the wheels or ground.
  • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 4.5 x 0.7 inches, Weight: 2.4 ounces

Dreambaby Stroller Hook

Dreambaby Stroller HookDreambaby Stroller Hook for hanging handbag and shopping bags to your stroller/shopping cart.

Your stroller may have storage space under the stroller but at times it becomes inconvenient to access it. That is why a stroller hook like this one can be good option.

The Dreambaby Stroller Hook has a padded heavy-duty handle so that it doesn’t slide. It easily clips onto any stroller handle. It’s also great for shopping carts as well.

Dreambaby Stroller Hook

Dreambaby Stroller Hook

Features of Dreambaby Stroller Hook:

  • Use it on stroller/shopping cart
  • Durable, heavy duty alumnium construction
  • Firm grip and strong hook – can hold heavier bags too
  • Padded to prevent clip from sliding
  • Easy to attach

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Stroller Hook,Dealgadgets 2 Pack Multi Purpose Hooks Hanger

Stroller hook & baby buggy hook &Mommy stroller accessory, Hanger for baby Bags, purses, and clothing and shopping bags 2 pack, black.

This stroller hook is parents’ best friend allowing an extra “hand” for that heavy things, strong and durable. It gives you the flexibility you need on the go and give you more storage space when you are out with your kids.

Convenience & labor-saving- Swivel allows 360 degree rotation for super convenience. Hang up on the hook. Less effort used
Velcro Straps -It makes attachment to any stroller under 5.5 cm diameters a breeze
Antislip strip- Eva antislip strip used. It increases the friction with the pram friction after fixation and difficult to slide
Easy to use – It is easy off and on installation and comes with adjustment quickly. Good for accompanying baby
Bearing heavy – hooks together hold 11 pounds. And with the material of top ABS plastic

Buggyguard B – Hook for Stroller

The Buggyguard B – Hook for Stroller is definitely worth packing while travelling as it lets you spend more time with your kids instead of spending time juggling bags or checking on the stroller.

Buggyguard B - Hook for Stroller The Buggyguard B – Hook for Stroller is a uniquely shaped hook that stays put, and is great for hanging things like purse, diaper bag, camera, shopping bags. Its lightweight, yet heavy-duty and comes with a non-slip rubbery grip. Its the perfect stroller accessory to have if you’re going to the shopping mall, theme park, grocery store, or any other outdoor place.

The thoughtful design holds the hook steady on the stroller handle and allows the hook to be used both in the locked and unlocked position. You may use the unlocked position for holding your grocery bags, and switch to the locked position when traveling.

Here are the main features of the Buggyguard B – Hook:

  • Outward opening so it’s easy to slip items on and off with only one hand
  • Wide lower loop accommodates extra wide handles on your purses and diaper bags
  • 3 digit resettable combination lock allows you to secure your valuables
  • Locking Device is OPTIONAL and is not required for everyday use.
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Non slip foam grip to prevent from falling off handles

Overall, a great stroller hook that stays in place thanks to its unique design, its also of great build quality.

ilovebaby Stroller Clips Multi-Purpose Hooks

An easy and convenient tool to attach shopping bags, diaper bags and more to your stroller.
This multi-purpose tool was designed to help you in your day to day life. Unique design makes the hooks exceptional and extremely functional for hanging and carrying a large amount of items including large, small and medium sized bagged items.

All-rounder – Once you tried those stroller clips, you won’t want to live without them anymore, they make day-to-day life with a baby much more convenient.
Versatility – They’re compatible with all stroller styles due to the adjustable sturdy, non-slip Velcro straps. Also usable on wheelchairs, pet strollers, bicycles and more.
High quality – The hooks are manufactured of durable metal so that they won’t crack or break under too much weight like some plastic hooks would.

Top Reasons to Buy Stroller Hooks

Here are top reasons to buy these stroller hooks:

  1. Perfect for hanging diaper bags, kids toys, purses, travel bags, or any other bag that you may have, from your child’s stroller (can hold multiple bags).
  2. It keeps the bags securely locked to the stroller. These are the perfect walking companion that gives you extra pair of hands when lugging bags when strolling outdoors with your baby.
  3. You realize its importance when you go throw crowded places. It allows you to place both your hands on the stroller on busy streets, allowing you to steer throw narrow passages.
  4. It comes in handy while shopping, camping; you can always find new uses for these stroller hooks.
  5. Also serves as a comfortable handle for your little kid to hold into something, while walking.
  6. You can take your baby’s toy stroller to the park, in case your little one is done with it for the day, you can always attach it to the stroller hook so that you don’t have to do the pushing on the way back.
  7. Use it to hang a skateboard while pushing the little one around town.
  8. Attach your dog’s leash to the stroller hook to make sure your dog sits near the stroller.
  9. Perfect for use with stroller, scooter, wheelchair, walker, rollator, shopping cart, and more (easily fits the handle and are durable).
  10. It comes in handy even when you don’t have the stroller with you. Use it to haul water bottles, small bags, when out camping with family

Now you can bring any type of bag with you, when outdoors with your little one (be it or a ride or for shopping); these universal baby stroller hooks eliminate the struggle to carry all your bags when taking your baby on a stroller, while keeping your hands on the stroller handlebar.


These are easy to use, and have these features:

  • Features a soft grip (or smart design) that securely attaches onto a stroller frame or handle and keeps your shopping bags from slipping
  • Some hooks offer a convenient adjustable design
  • Easy to slip items on the stroller and you can even remove the bags easily

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