Best Baby Strollers for Disney World

cinderella style stroller Disney world

Best Baby Strollers to bring to Disney World. Having a comfortable stroller for your little one can be the difference between a great Disney World vacation and a not-so-great one. Make sure the stroller you bring along has storage, is easy to maneuver, allows multiple configurations, has large canopy, and allows adding a child tray.

  • Can You Not Rent a Stroller at Disney World?

    You can definitely rent strollers at the Disney park however they are not very comfortable.

    • The cost to rent a single stroller is around $15 per day
    • The cost to rent a double stroller is around $30 per day.
    • Disney also requires a $100 deposit for stroller rentals.

    Best Disney Stroller Features:

    Make sure the stroller you gt along to Disney has the following features:

    • Comfortable
    • Allows various positions, configurations
    • Lots of storage space that is easy to access
    • Easy to maneuver
    • Includes a snack tray
    • Has a Large canopy

    Best Stroller for Disney World

    I think the best stroller for Disney World is the UPPAbaby Vista. A bit expensive than other strollers but its very versatile.

    It fit up to three kids (if you attach a gliding board that allows an older child to stand on). Huge storage space under the seat. Check out all the configurations here.

    More options:

    • City Mini Single: Lightweight, easy to push, can add child tray accessory.
    • City Mini Double Stroller: Less maneuverable, large sun canopy, can add snack trays.
    • BOB Revolution FLEX: Comfortable but allows only one configuration, multiple configurations of canopy, can add snack tray accessory
    • Summer Infant 3DLite Convenience Stroller: Easy to fold up, carry strap, lightweight. Small storage

    If you are flying, I recommend getting the travel bag to protect it.

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