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Baby Trend Stroller Parts: Find replacement parts for your Baby Trend travel gear including strollers/prams and more so that it keeps running forever. Baby Trend Stroller Parts refers to the physical parts or components of a baby trend stroller, such as wheels, canopy, brakes, etc. Most parents usually have issues with their jogging strollers, especially the wheel parts — things like flat tires or replacing the inner tubes. Find Baby Trend Stroller Parts like wheels, inner tubes, replacement seats, snack trays, replacement pad for your car seat, and more.

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Baby Trend Stroller Replacement Parts

Shop from a largest selection of Baby Trend Stroller Parts. These work great with your Baby trend stroller/push chair. These are easy to assemble and come with everything you need to replace the part.

The most common spare parts requested by users are for the Jogging strollers and the Sit and Stand strollers, especially the wheel parts.

2 x BABY TREND EXPEDITION Stroller/Jogger REAR Inner Tubes 16″ (Schwalbe)

2 x BABY TREND EXPEDITION Stroller/Jogger/Push Chair REAR Inner Tubes 16″. These are not original tubes but upgraded alternatives.
Puncture resistant, super air-tight, rubber sealing inside gives better air retention over plastic caps.

2 x BABY TREND EXPEDITION Stroller REAR Tire set – 16″ x 1.75 (Duro)

Excellent rolling & grip, high quality rubber, tread pattern goes around to both side walls for extra protection.
Better air retention over plastic caps.
Tires are not branded with make/model as they are OEM products to fit title brand/model.

Inner tube for Baby Trend stroller Rear Wheel (Lineament)

Tube (for rear wheel) expands to fit baby stroller. Long lasting pneumatic tube.
Compatible with all Baby Trend strollers Expedition series.

inner tube for Baby Trend stroller (rear wheel)
List Price: $15.99
Price: $15.99
Price Disclaimer

Baby Trend Stroller inner tube (front wheel)
Compatible with all Baby Trend strollers Expedition series.
Tube expands to fit baby stroller.
Valve Type: Straight Valve.
Fits front wheels
Long lasting pneumatic tube

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Baby Trend Expedition Stroller Replacement Ring Bearings
Replace damaged bearings in the front wheel. These bearings are intended for use in the front wheel and are not intend for use in any other application.

These will fit the Expedition stroller, but will likely fit other Baby Trend models as well.

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You can contact Baby Trend if you want more information on Baby Trend stroller repair.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller Parts

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller is one of Baby Trands bestselling models, and lot of owners seek replacement parts for their jogging stroller.

Rear Inner tubes 16″ for BABY TREND EXPEDITION Stroller/Jogger/Push Chair. These are premium quality replacement parts but are are OEM products (not made by BabyTrend). See PRICE on Amazon.

Baby Trend Stroller Tires Flat: How to Fix

So has your baby trend jogging stroller got flat tires? No problem, its one issue that most jogging stroller owners face, but the good thing is that fixing it is not that difficult as it may seem.

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Where to find Product Information?

You will need information like Model Number and Manufacture Date when you get in touch with Baby Trend Customer Service Department. You can find this information on a white sticker on the underside of your product. The location of this sticker varies depending on which particular Baby Trend Product you own.

  • Strollers / Joggers – Located on the inner rear left side of frame
  • Walker – Underneath the tray
  • Highchair – Underneath the plastic seat
  • Playard – Turn upside down
  • Swing – Under seat or tray
  • Backpack & Bouncy Seat – On metal frame

Babytrend: Product Instruction Manuals

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  1. Hey, I have baby trends expedition sports stroller. I am looking for the ring bearing for front wheel all over the place and unable to find it.

    Could you please help me out, where can I get this from?

    When I called customer care, they are offering me the front wheel itself, which I find bit expensive.

    Please help.


    1. I found the bearing on ebay, for under $15.00, hope this helps.

    2. I just called babytrend customer service and told them tge wheel was wobbling alot and they said the bearings might need to be replaced and they were able to send me one for free as a courtesy. I paid nothing not even shipping. Hope this helps.

  2. lpoking for back seat connector for baby trend sit n stand

  3. Where can I buy a replacement basket? Mine has a hole in it from rubbing on the ground. THanks!

    1. You may check here – stroller replacement baskets

  4. I contacted Baby Trend directly for a replacement basket. My stroller was newly purchased at that time, and the basket had numerous cracks and scratches.

  5. I just purchased a used baby trend double stroller (grey/black) and its missing the front canopy/umbrella. Has anyone come across a place to purchase a reasonably priced replacement (I’m kicking myself for not noticing it was missing – one of the things I liked best about this stroller)?

  6. Where can I get a front canopy for the baby trend sitnstand stroller SS76095 3/31/09

  7. Good day, I am looking for a replacement canopy for a baby trend carseat.

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