Special Needs Stroller: Top Choices Compared

best special needs strollersSpecial Needs Stroller comparison guide: Top choices compared here. One of the best gifts a parent can give to a child is independence. Whatever the challenge (child is struggling with motor skills issues, has fatigue or weakness, or is recovering from an accident), using adaptive equipment like special needs stroller is a great way to stimulate activities, be comfortable, interact with other children, and have fun.

Overview of Special Needs Stroller

Parents with children with special needs often find themselves with lack of time to tend to other activities, with their children and careers etc. Active parents who love to jog and follow a healthy lifestyle struggle with facilities available to take their child along with them for a jog, so most of them give up on their jogging. But you don’t have to compromise on your jog anymore because now, there are many jogging strollers available that suit the needs of a special child.

Parents with special children don’t have an option of taking their child in the regular stroller because they lack the necessary features that would suit a child with special needs especially if the child has a mobility impairment.

Every special needs child has a different need from a stroller.

But special needs jogging stroller are designed to take care of the necessities of a special child such as to have leg and pelvic positioning, trunk, trunk support, reclining tilting seats, head support etc and a load of other features that will give you a variety of options to choose from to best suit the needs of your child.

If you and your family like to explore the outdoors a lot, you might want to consider buying the all-terrain special needs jogging stroller. There are mobility jogging strollers and push chairs that come in different capacities and can accommodate any one with special needs, from an infant to an adult even.

Baby Jogger Freedom stroller and the Kool-Stop Kool Stride special needs strollers are currently the popular choices for parents and care givers. Let us look at these 2 special needs jogger which includes reviews of both brands detailing features, price and customer ratings and points that make one better than the other.

Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller with 16 in.Wheels, Handbrake with parking button, Reclining seat
Kool- Stride Special Needs Stroller, Two parking brakes, Retractable sun canopy

Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller

This special needs jogging stroller is manufactured by a company called as Advanced Mobility which is a part of Baby Jogger LCC. What is special about this company is that they have experience of around 25 years in manufacturing strollers for people with special needs. They have often come out with strollers that are innovative with unique features that are also safe for both children and adults with special needs.

The Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller is a very popular brand among parents and care givers. They are light in weight and all terrain strollers. They can carry weight up to 200 pounds which is a great feature. The Freedom Jogging stroller and push chair is easy to maneuver in crowds and around tight corners and they come with a swivel front wheel kit (included in the package) that makes it possible. So, you can easily go out in crowded places like malls or parks.

The stroller is also easy to push on any terrain thanks to the fixed front wheel and the pneumatic tires which makes it a smooth ride for the occupant. And in case if the occupant has a weak lower body mobility, the Baby Jogger Stroller has foot straps to hold the feet securely and comfortably in place.

Some other features of the Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller include:

  • Comfortable padded reclining (120 degrees- 137 degrees) seats
  • Can carry maximum weight of around 200 lbs
  • Safely secures the occupant with a 5 point safety harness
  • Shields occupants with multi position sun canopy
  • 16” quick release rear wheels and 16” fixed front wheels
  • Better control on slopes and uneven terrain with the handbrake
  • Rear parking brake to hold the stroller stationary
  • Curved ergonomic handlebar to comfortably push the stroller
  • Swivel front wheel kit that is included in the package helps transforming the stroller into a easy to maneuver stroller
  • Folds easily into compact size without any help of tools
  • Ample storage space and compartments to carry stuff
  • The Right Size and Capacity of Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller
    Before purchasing the stroller, it is important that you check the dimensions, size and weight capacity of the stroller. You don’t want to end up buying something that is not going to meet your needs. Make sure you check the folded measurements because that is indicative of the storage space required to fit the stroller. Especially if you want the stroller to fit into your car trunk, you would want to know beforehand if the stroller is compact enough to fit in.

    A special needs jogging stroller is expensive, so make sure you get the size and dimensions right. Below are the dimensions of the Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller for your reference:

    Maximum Recommended Weight
    Stroller Weight
    Wheel Size
    Folded with Wheels
    Folded without Wheels
    Reclining Seat Angle
    200 lbs
    30 lbs
    16″ (x3)
    66 3/8″ x 30 1/2″ x 41″
    53″ x 30 1/2″ x 20″
    47″ x 24″ x 15 1/2″
    120 degrees – 137 degrees
    Seat Specifications (L x W x H)
    Maximum Head Height
    Seat Back Height
    Seat Back Width
    Seat to Inside of Knee
    Shoulder Width
    Back of Knee to Footplate
    Width of Knee
    29 3/8″
    13 3/8″

    For more details on the size and dimensions, you can download the user manual.

    Available design and style
    The Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller is available in navy blue color. It has the capacity to carry one special needs child or adult. There are many accessories available that you can opt for, such as: roll pillow, carry bag, liquid holster, Footwell kit, Highback kit, Wind and rain bug canopy. The swivel front wheel that helps in easy maneuver is included with the package.

    Most of the customers have found the product to be comfortable, easily accessible, friendly and age appropriate for all ages.

    Special needs jogging strollers are generally on the expensive side but it also depends on where you buy the product from. You can check the latest price and promotion deals online when you buy.

    The Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller package includes:

  • All the parts for the full assembly of the stroller
  • Swivel front wheel conversion kit
  • 1 year warranty for wheels, fabric and components
  • Lifetime warranty for frame
  • Any Complaints?
    Many customers loved the Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller and raved about how it is great value for money. Many of them felt it fit all the needs of their child. The Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller was also called “sturdy, stable and a joy to push on all terrains.”

    However there were a few complaints as well, such as:

  • Front swivel wheel is small and doesn’t swivel 360 degrees
  • It’s a bit large, hence difficult to take to the mall
  • High price
  • Overall, it’s a great stroller for parents with special kids and adults. You can continue to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle plus the Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller has great features.

    Click here to buy Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller

    Kool-Stop Kool Stride Special Needs Stroller

    If you are looking for another option in strollers for special needs children, Kool-Stop Kool Stride is another great product. It has great features and is completely safe and secure.

    It has great features like elegantly made brushed steel spokes and aluminium hub, all-terrain 20″ rear wheels and 16″ fixed front wheels etc that make it an attractive option for purchase. It also comes with pneumatic wheels that cover grounds very quickly. Its easy to push on any surface. Its convenient to store and fits into your car trunk easily when folded. The wheels are also removable. The maximum weight capacity for this stroller is 150lbs. When compared to the Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller, it comes very close to having the same features. However, there are a few differences that I will point out further in the review.

    Some other key features of Kool-Stop Kool Stride Special Needs Stroller are:

  • Maximum weight capacity of 150lbs
  • Richly padded comfortable seating
  • Adjustable handle to adjust to your height
  • 5 point harness keeps the occupant safe
  • Retractable sun canopy with a window for viewing
  • Improved stability with the five degree cambered rear wheels
  • Two parking brakes to keep the stroller firmly still when you need it to be
  • Keeps dirt out from the key components with the sealed bearings on all the wheels
  • Easy to fold with the patented Kool-Stop’s easy fold system
  • Push button quick release wheels
  • Large and easy to push 20” rear wheels
  • 16″ fixed front wheels that are great for jogging and running
  • The Right Size and Capacity of Kool-Stop Kool Stride Special Needs Stroller
    Like mentioned above, it is always wise to check the size and dimensions before buying any special needs stroller. The measurements and dimensions of the Kool-Stop Kool Stride Special Needs Stroller are provided below:

    Maximum weight capacity: 150lbs
    Overall weight: 35lbs
    Overall dimension: 54”(H)x39.5″(W)x29″(D)
    Folded dimensions: 41″(H) x 7″(W) x 21″(D)
    Other dimensions:
    Overall Height: 49.5″
    Overall width: 27.5″
    Overall depth: 65″
    Seat width: 17″
    Seat depth: 11″
    Seat back height: 26″
    Wheel diameter: 20″
    Wheel base width: 26″
    Handle height: 44″

    Available design and style
    The Kool-Stop Kool Stride Special Needs Stroller can carry one adult or child with the maximum weight capacity of 150lbs. It is available in one design with one seat. The rear wheels that are 4″ in size is larger than the front one’s. It gives better stability and tracking while jogging. Features such as padded cushions, huge canopy, side ventilation and top viewing window, all make it a great stroller to meet all of your and your child’s needs.

    Any Complaints?
    While many parents loved the fact that it was easier to push and how great the product is, there have been few who have had complaints such as:

  • High price
  • There was no manual available for download previously
  • No option for front wheel swivel
  • Click here to buy Kool- Stride Special Needs Stroller

    Comparisons between the Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller and Kool-Stop Kool Stride Stroller

    Although both these products are similar in many ways, there are a few differences as well:

  • The price of both the products differ somewhat.
  • The load capacity of Baby jogger is more than that of Kool-Stop Kool Stride by 50lbs
  • The handle of Kool Stride can be adjusted to suit your height, whereas in case of Baby Jogger, the handle is ergonomic but cannot be adjusted
  • The baby jogger seats can be reclined unlike the Kool-Stop Kool
  • The wheels of baby jogger freedom stroller are 16”with the front wheels that swivel making it easy to maneuver in crowded areas. Whereas in case of Kool-Stop Kool Stride, the rear wheels are 20” and front wheel is 16” and fixed, giving it more stability and better tracking. Kool-Stop Kool doesn’t have wheels that swivel
  • If you check the dimensions and weight of both the strollers, you may be surprised to find that Kool-Stop Kool is heavier than the Baby jogger Freedom Stroller
  • Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller with 16 in.Wheels, Handbrake with parking button, Reclining seat
    Kool- Stride Special Needs Stroller, Two parking brakes, Retractable sun canopy


    Special needs children and adults need strollers with greater features to suit special needs. If you have an active lifestyle and have a special needs child to care for, buying a special needs jogging stroller is a wise choice. Both Baby Jogger Freedom Stroller and Kool-Stop Kool have almost similar features and are equally good. However, you should always buy the stroller that best suits the needs of your child and you.

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