Top Bike Trailer for Dogs Reviewed

Best Bike Trailer for Dogs Have you ever tried taking your dog out in a car for a drive? Noticed how they always love sticking their head out the window to take it all in. Dogs love the fresh open air and the safest way to help them enjoy it is in a dog trailer.

If you love to ride a bike and enjoy it as a regular exercise, get a dog trailer for your dog and you both can enjoy the ride together. It is a win-win for all. You get to exercise and ride the bike whereas your dog is safe and secure in the dog trailer, enjoying the open air and the surroundings along with you.

So you can dump your car, take the bike out and thanks to the bike trailer for dogs, you can take your pet dog along with you.

So What Exactly is a Bike Dog Trailer?

In simple terms, a Bike Dog Trailer is a basket with 2 to 3 wheels that can be attached to your bicycle at the back, in such a way that when you ride your cycle, you pull the basket along with you. It comes in different sizes, so you can carry 2-3 or more dogs, depending on the size of the carrier.

Some brands such as Solvit Houndabout even have an option of converting the trailer into a stroller by adding wheels to the front. So, on days you don’t feel like riding the bicycle, you can always convert the bike trailer into a stroller for your pet and enjoy a stroll instead.

How Would Using a Bike Trailer for Dogs Benefit You?

Here’s why owning a Bike Trailer for your Dog (or bigger pets) makes sense:

  • If your dog is old, disabled or ill, they may not be able to keep up with you while your jog or cycle. Having said that, you can’t keep them at home at all times, in which case a bike trailer will be of great help. With the trailer, your dog can enjoy the outdoors without getting worn out and tired.
  • Even healthy dogs may tire after running a long distance. At times, if the dog is running along with you, while you are on the bicycle, the dog’s legs could get tangled in the leash causing an accident and injury for both you and your dog. Having a bike trailer is safe and with the basket attached to the bike on the back, your dog can enjoy the outdoors too.
  • You no longer need to give up on riding your bicycle just because you can’t take your dog along. You can enjoy your bike riding and continue your regular active lifestyle along with your dog at your side.
  • You get quality time with your dog strengthening your special bond further.
  • You can also use it to store some gear when your dog is not using it
  • Much more practical option than leaving your dog at home, taking the car or having your dog run alongside you

Top 3 Choices of Bike Trailers for Dogs

While choosing a bike trailer for your dog, keep in mind that your dog needs a trailer that is not only comfortable to use but also has enough space, something that is easy to set up and not expensive etc. Don’t worry if it sounds like a lot. I have shortlisted the top 3 brands keeping all the above mentioned points in mind to help you choose the best bike trailer for your dog.

#1 – Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer

The Solvit HoundAbout is not only easy to assemble but it also folds down making it easy to store. It has waterproof floorboard which means that even with a little water on the ground, your dog will ride without getting wet and stay comfortable. In fact, no matter what the weather, you can take your dog along with you without worrying about their comfort. That is because the Solvit HoudAbout has a zippered mesh screen layer front door and a zippered vinyl windscreen layer to block out the wind or rain, so no matter what the weather, you and your dog can comfortably enjoy the outdoors.

Some other key features include:

  • The frame is made up of steel that makes it light in weight and easy to fold for storage
  • The floorboard is waterproof and made of rugged polyester
  • Comes with a universal bicycle hitch
  • Available in 2 sizes : medium and large
  • Large Cabin Dimension and weight capacity: 33″ x 22″ x 26″ (Maximum weight capacity up to 110 lbs)
  • Medium Cabin Dimension and weight capacity: 26″ x 17″ x 20″ (Maximum weight capacity up to 50 lbs)

With all the great features mentioned above, the Solvit HoundAbout seems to be a great bike dog trailer. If you have a medium or large sized dog, Solvit Hound About is what you should go for.

#2 – DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer

DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer If you have a smaller breed dog, DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer would be an ideal choice for your pet. It has great safety features such as an interior leash and leash hooks that keeps your dog safe. With this bike trailer, you don’t have to worry about carrying the water bottle separately because the trailer has a water bottle pocket. It also has an easy access rear entry door.

Some of the other features of DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer are:

  • With the release of just one pin, it folds easily to a compact size
  • Your dog is safe with the interior leash and hook in the trailer that can hold it down during the ride
  • Your pet has easy access door with which it can easily get in or out of the bike trailer
  • Added visibility due to rear reflectors
  • Cabin dimension : 23-Inch L x 15-Inch W x 22-Inch H
  • Trailer Weight : 21 lbs/9.5 kgs
  • Maximum Weight Capacity is : 55 lbs/25 kgs
  • Comes in 3 colors: Spring Green/Grey, Rebel Red/Black, Red Red/Black

#3 – Solvit HoundAbout II Pet Bicycle Trailer – Large

The Solvit HoundAbout II Pet Bicylce Trailer is designed for comfort. It has soft padded, washable cushion on the inside that makes the ride comfortable for your dog. It is ideal for large dogs and has a weight capacity of around 110 pounds. With the Solvit HoundAbout II Pet Bicylce Trailer, you don’t have to worry about carrying your dog supplies separately since it has many storage pockets. The storage pockets are helpful especially if you are on a long ride and need to carry a lot of dog supplies along.

Compared to the steel frame in the previous version, Solvit HoundAbout II has aluminium frames that are still lighter than the steel frames and to add to that, it is even rust free.

Some other features of the Solvit HoudAbout II are:

  • Its well ventilated and roomy thanks to the vinyl mesh trailer cargo
  • Your pet will have a comfortable ride with the well stuffed cushions inside
  • Frame is made of aluminum which is light in weight and rust free, hence more durable
  • Easy front and rear door access
  • Front door access is made of mesh screen and waterproof layer
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Folds down to a small size, hence easy to store.
  • Keeps your dog safe while riding with the internal adjustable safety leash

Final Thoughts

Why to give up on your active lifestyle because of your worry for your dog? With a bike trailer for dogs, you can easily enjoy and continue your healthy lifestyle at the same time, you can take your dog with you. The bike trailer ensures that your pet is safe and secure and gets to enjoy the outdoors just as much as you do. There are a variety of choices with great features for a bike trailer for your dog. Ensure that you pick the one best suited to you and your dog while keeping safety and comfort of your pet as the number one priority.

Updated: February 27, 2018 — 4:51 pm

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