BOB Motion Travel System: Complete Review

A baby stroller is a common feature among all parents today. It is an easy transport system ideal for carrying your baby without having to physically hold him/her everywhere you go. There are different types of strollers meant to fulfill different needs of the parent and the baby such as jogging stroller, standard size traditional stroller etc. But if you are looking for a stroller for your everyday use, you should try the new BOB Motion Travel System.

BOB is a popular brand in the stroller market. They have an expertise of over 15 years in the business. With the BOB Motion Travel System, they have added some very attractive features in these strollers such as it is compact, lightweight and has four wheels that are suitable for all terrains. City dwelling parent often feel the need for a stroller that is durable rugged and swivels easily through crowded places and tight corners and BOB Motion Travel System is exactly that. Mind you, it is not a jogging stroller but it is a great stroller for daily use. You can take it to the mall, the park for a stroll or if you are visiting friends etc and since this stroller can be folded flat with just one hand and is so compact and light, you don’t even have to worry about transporting it everywhere you go.

An added advantage of the BOB Motion Travel System is that it comes with CLICK & GO adapters. Thanks to the Click & Go adapters, the BOB Motion converts instantly into complete travel system with a choice of matching optional BOB B-SAFE or any Britax Infant Car Seats. So, you don’t have to spend additionally on a infant car seat, cutting your cost of the stroller further down.

Easy to Fold With Just One-Hand & Very Compact

I have met so many parents who have always wished for a stroller that would fold easily. I see some parents struggle with the stroller folder mechanism to the point of frustration and I genuinely feel sorry for them. But BOB seems to have a pulse on what parents really need because in the BOB Motion Travel System, they have eliminated this problem completely.

The BOB Motion Travel System has an easy one hand folding mechanism. All it needs is for you to push the button on the side of the seat and the stroller folds flat and the best part is you can do that with just one hand.
This has made the BOB Motion Travel System extremely popular with parents. This stroller is light in weight too, thanks to the compact aluminium frame, you can even carry or lift it in one hand.

Many parents even worried about the locking click after the stroller was folded, in BOB Motion stroller, you don’t have to worry about that either. Once you press the button and fold the stroller, you can pull up the folding strap to collapse it and the frame locks automatically! Now, isn’t that cool?

Seems like BOB has been truly listening to its customers needs and feedback because they definitely hit the right note with this feature.

BOB Motion Travel System Has Adequate Baby Safety Features

For any parent, the first priority is always to protect their child and keep them safe. In a stroller too, parents wish for something that will relieve them of any worries about safety from tipping over or jerks and bumps.
Research shows that most of the accidents that happen with the baby in the stroller is due to falling and tipping over, so it is necessary a stroller that you use for your baby on a daily basis has all the necessary safety precautions.

The BOB Motion stroller has well balanced four wheels, which prevents it from tipping-over. Apart from this it has a Five-Point, Richly Padded Seat Harness to secure your baby to the stroller. The harness straps secures the baby completely because it passes over the shoulder, around the hip and between the legs with the ends slotting into a child proof center buckle with in-built system of lock-offs. Which means, it secures your child from all sides, but don’t worry, it won’t constrict your baby to the point of feeling uncomfortable. The harness can be adjusted to fit snugly, yet firmly around your child. There are four harness heights and two buckle adjustable positions for children as they grow, so you can adjust it accordingly.

I always tell all my friends who are parents to try out this easy and quick strap security test. All you need to do is pass your fingers between the harness and your baby’s body. There should be just enough space for my fingers to move freely. If the harness feels too loose, it is not secure enough and if your test shows that it it is too tight, then it will definitely be uncomfortable for your baby as well. The perfect harness strap will be comfortable for your baby and yet securely strap your child in the stroller.

Another important feature in any stroller is the parking brakes. You don’t want the stroller rolling away, do you? In case of the BOB Motion, it has parking brakes that are foot-operated. This roots the BOB Motion firmly in place.

Additionally the Bob Motion also has a weather canopy to protect the baby from rain, wind harsh UV rays or any other harmful weather conditions.

Good Baby Comfort and Easy to Push

If safety is the most important feature in a stroller, comfort comes a close second in the list of features. Your stroller is of no use if your baby is not both safe and comfortable in it. Besides, if you intend to use a stroller on a daily basis and if your baby is going to spend a lot of time sitting in it, you will want an extremely comfortable stroller.

When it comes to the BOB Motion Stroller, it is an all-terrain stroller. Meaning, you can take the stroller over gravel, dirt or uneven road surfaces, your baby will not feel much or any of it. The stroller has Coil Spring and Elastomer Suspension that absorbs the shock allowing significant wheel travel up to 1.25 inches smoothing the ride over bumpy roads.

To further enhance your baby’s comfort, the BOB Motion has provided reclining seats in multiple positions from vertical to almost flat. You can now choose the most comfortable position for your baby while you are out and if your baby suddenly feels like taking a nap, no problem at all. You can change the seat’s position and let your baby sleep comfortably in the stroller.

Any stroller with canopy needs good ventilation and BOB Motion stroller ensures just that. It can get hot and stuffy especially during hot weather but with the BOB Motion stroller’s large canopy with Ventilation Window, you can be assured that your baby will not feel stuffy and hot in the stroller. It allows free flow of air keeping your baby cool and comfortable in hot weather. The canopy also can be adjusted as per the weather. So depending on the weather elements, you can adjust the canopy in different positions that offer the best protection for your child.

Remember how awkward it gets to swivel some strollers in tight corners or rough terrains? With the BOB Motion, you get swiveling front wheels that gives you ample maneuverability. It is a great stroller for tight corners because it moves with such ease that you don’t have to worry about going back and forth with the stroller just to take a turn. The front wheels can also be locked. So when you are on a rough terrain or need your stroller to only move straight and not zig zag, you can count on BOB Motion stroller to give you the much needed control and stability and better tracking.

The BOB Motion strollers also have adjustable Handle on the stroller. This is a bonus especially for parents who are tall or short because with the adjustable handle, they can just raise or lower it to match their height and comfort. Not having the right handle height causes a strain to the back for the parent who is pushing it but BOB Motion stroller ensures that the parents are comfortable using the stroller just as the kids are.

Made for Designed for All-Terrains: Tires, Wheels and Brake

Normally, the strollers that we see in the market are all three wheeled strollers but the BOB Motion stroller is the first of its kind providing four wheels (at the time of the review). In case of other stroller manufactured by BOB even, they had always come up with good three wheeled strollers. BOB has been in the business of manufacturing strollers for a long time and it is only now that they have ventured into the four wheeled stroller that is compact and comfortable to use on a daily basis.

BOB Motion strollers are all terrain strollers. They have four pneumatic tires offer a smooth and comfortable ride for your kid. The front two tires are smaller (dimensions: 7″ x 1.75″) whereas the two rear ones are larger (dimensions: 10″ x 1.75″). The wheels are high impact polymer composite wheels that can take any type of terrain without any worry of it coming off or buckling. You don’t have to worry about flats either because the air-filled tubes with Schrader valves on all the four wheels ensure the tires stay inflated for very long. The tires don’t skid or slip because they are semi-slick which means you can take the stroller on dry or wet surfaces.
The biggest fear for any parent is the workability of the brakes.

In the BOB Motion, thanks to the Linked Foot-Activated Parking Brakes, the stroller stands firmly rooted to the spot when you come to a stop. This is true even when you are on a slope and happen to forget to engage the parking brakes. Thanks to the linked foot-activated parking brakes, your child is safe in the stroller and there is no fear of the stroller rolling off on its own. Just flick the brakes with your foot and the stroller comes to a standstill.

Size and Capacity – So Compact Yet Large

As mentioned before the BOB Motion stroller is rugged and durable. It may not look like it but the fact is that it can carry a maximum weight capacity of around 65lbs plus an additional weight of 10lbs of storage in the luggage space and 1lbs in storage pocket. Check out the dimensions of the BOB Motion stroller:

Dimension of BOB Motion Stroller:
Wheel Base: 22.5 in (57.15 cm) [A]
Overall Length: 38 in (97.3 cm) [B]
Overall Height: 42 in (106.7 cm) [C]
Overall Width: 21.8 in (55.3 cm)
Interior Seat Width: 13.5 in (34.3 cm)

Folded Dimensions:
Folded Length, wheels on: 28 in (71.2 cm)
Folded Height, wheels on: 11.5 in (29.2 cm)
Folded Length, wheels off: 28 in (71.2 cm)
Folded Height, wheels off: 9.5 in (24.1 cm)

Stroller Weight:
The total weight of the Motion stroller is 23 lbs (10 kg) without occupant and luggage. The total maximum capacity weight it can carry is 75lbs (includes a baby weight limit of 65 lbs).

Available Styles and Designs – Available As a Single Stroller

If you are a parent of twins or triplets, unfortunately the BOB Motion is only available as a single stroller. It is not designed for jogging, but it is a perfect complement to any BOB jogger like the Revolution or Ironman. It is a perfect stroller for daily use. It is compact and you can easily take it for small errands or to the shopping mall or a park etc.

You have a choice of 3 combinations of colors mixed with grey i.e. black, orange and navy blue.

BOB Motion Stroller Travel System Compatibility

BOB Motion is not just a stroller but a complete package and a full baby travel system. It includes the Click & Go adapter that instantly converts the BOB Motion seamlessly into a full Baby Travel System using matching BOB B-SAFE, or any BRITAX Infant Car Seats (both sold separately). If you have a new born baby, such a conversion system is necessary since at that age, babies cannot hold their head steady by themselves. With a BOB and BRITAX Infant Car Seats, the baby’s head and neck get support with an energy absorbing foam liner that helps distribute the impact of a bump thus protecting your baby from feeling any shock in case of a collision. Infant car seats are said to be very safe for a new born and provides them with superior protection, one of the reasons why they are used in cars and strollers.

If you are looking for more choice in infant car seat that can convert the stroller into a travel system, I would recommend you consider the BOB Infant Car Seat.

List of brands and models of Infant Car Seats with which the adapter frame is compatible with:

  • Chicco Key Fit
  • Chicco Key Fit 30
  • Graco Snugride 32 Classic Connect
  • Graco Snugride 35 Classic Connect
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio

Warranty on the Motion Stroller

The BOB Motion comes with a 5-year limited warranty on the stroller’s frame and 1 year’s warranty on the fabric and minor parts. But be advised, the warranty on the stroller is for normal use, and does not include defects as a result or wear, abuse or alteration.

What’s Included When You Buy?

You will find the following items in the BOB Stroller box:

  • Stroller
  • Rear and front wheels
  • Canopy
  • Infant Car Seat Adapters
  • User manual
    Assembling the stroller does not take much time. All you need to do is attach the wheels and canopy and you are ready to go. You can always purchase additional accessories such as the Child Snack Tray, Parent Console, or Travel Bag etc. separately.

    User Reviews About the Bob Motion Stroller

    Here’s what parents are saying about the Motion Stroller.

    I always suggest all my friends to go online and do ample research before buying any product. In case of BOB Motion, you will find that the product is extremely popular among parents. There are ample positive comments on the quick Click & Go adapter that converts it to a full and yet very compact travel system. Many parents have even loved the agility and robust construction of the BOB Motion plus the one handed folding system is like a cherry on the cake. On an average, customers have rated this product from 4.5 to 4.7 Stars out of 5 Stars, clearly indicating the verdict being in favor of BOB Motion.

    Here are some of the comments and observations from customers who have used the BOB Motion stroller:

    – Great stroller, super smooth and very high quality she added. Easy to click the seat in and out of the stroller or the car seat base
    – Really sturdy, well-thought out piece of stroller
    – Good product, Not oversized for airlines.
    – Great purchase. Totally worth the cost.

    Pros and Cons

    Let us look at both the pros and cons of the stroller. Evaluating both the sides will always help you make a unbiased decision of whether to buy or not to buy the BOB Motion.


    • The BOB Motion stroller is an all-terrain stroller. It comes with air filled tires which allows you to go over all kinds of surfaces– grass, gravel, undulating terrains.
    • Your baby won’t feel the bumps and jolts of the ride thanks to the and effective suspension system in the BOB Motion.
    • Users really like the shock absorption and five-point adjustable harness on this stroller; provides a secure and comfortable ride for their kids.
    • The stroller has four wheels and is very balanced, and does not easily tip over.
    • It has swivel fronts wheels that turns any tight corner with ease
    • The wheels can be locked for better tracking and control on straight trails and rough off-road trails.
    • It can be folded with one hand folding system
    • The stroller is very compact when folded and can still be reduced to an even smaller size by taking off the quick release wheels
    • Maximum wight capacity is 75 lbs
    • Has a 5-point adjustable safety harness which is generously padded and comfortable.
    • It is industry accepted best design for Infant Car Seat
    • It has a big-sized canopy which is great for protecting the child from the harsh weather. Canopy comes with a big peeping window on the roof which allows parents to keep a close eye on their baby. The canopy window can be opened and closed with Velcro.
    • Comes with adjustable handlebars (up to 42 inches)
    • Has richly padded reclining seats (reclining angle from vertical to near flat position).
    • Has a spacious pocket behind the seat to put away important things like your car keys, house keys, mobile phone and wallet, etc.
    • Has a basket big enough to fit most of the baby items.
    • Both the rear wheels have linked parking brakes which roots the stroller to the spot when applied.


    • BOB Motion stroller may seem a bit expensive especially for those parents who are on a budget.
    • You have to pay extra for essential accessories like child and parent tray which may add to your cost
    • Some parents may want adjustable leg rest which the BOB Motion does not offer but is available in other brands
    • There are only 3 color options to choose from, giving parents limited choice
    • Despite it being relatively lighter, some parents find the BOB Motion stroller heavy (23 lbs or10 kgs)
    • Some users feel that the storage basket provided is small and hard to reach, making it a poor choice for shopping trips.
    • You may find that the access to the undercarriage basket restricted because of the axle bar at the rear that arches upwards

    Video Review of the BOB Motion Travel System

    Checkout this video to see the BOB stroller demonstrating its maneuverability, one-handed fold, brake, storage and see how compact and easy to carry the BOB stroller is. If you are still wavering on whether to buy the BOB Motion, watch the brief video – it may help you decide.

    Conclusion and My Recommendation

    Your choice of accessory depends on your needs from a stroller. If you want a stroller that you can take for jogging, you should opt for products such as BOB Revolution or BOB Ironman but if you are looking for something that you can use on a daily basis, something compact and light in weight then BOB Motion stroller is a good option to consider.

    Despite being light, the quality and ruggedness of the product is not compromised. It is easy to manoeuvre in tight corners and crowded areas which make it a great stroller to take while shopping or a stroll in the park kind of activity.

    It is also an all-terrain stroller, so you don’t have to worry about flat tires or the safety of your child. The BOB Motion stroller provides smooth, jerk free rides to your baby and also keeps him/her safetly strapped in, thanks to the protection harness.

    All in all, it is a great stroller that also converts to a travel system for your baby.

    Accessories for Bob Travel System Stroller

    The only factor that probably acts as a downer in case of the BOB Motion stroller is that it provides no free accessories. You have to buy everything separately. Some accessories are a must have’s while others enhance your experience of the stroller. Let’s look at some of the BOB Motion stroller accessories:

    Child Snack Tray

    A child tray is a very useful accessory. The BOB Motion Stroller Child’s Tray includes one Sippy cup holder and a tray for snacks or a toy that is well within the child’s reach. The tray can be attached and removed easily from the stroller frame. Most parents prefer to have a child’s tray even if they have to buy it separately to help keep your baby’s food and drinks within reach without having to hold it in your hand.

    BOB Motion Parent Handlebar Console with Tire Pump

    The parent console as the name suggests is for the parents. It consists of two insulated cup or bottle holder to hold your beverages and a large compartment center with cover to hold your personal items such as your keys, mobile phone etc. A tire pump is something you should always keep in handy. The storage pocket at the back of the console is where the tire pump goes. It is easy to access from the storage pocket if the need arises. You can buy both these accessories separately or together.

    BOB Motion Stroller Bag

    BOB Motion Travel Bag is not only meant for protecting the stroller but is also a great way to transport the stroller from one place to another. The best part about the BOB Motion Travel Bag is that you don’t have to detach the stroller wheels from the stroller to fit it in the bag. It comes with a shoulder strap which makes it easier for you to sling it across your shoulder and carry it around anywhere you go. It is a great transport tool for the stroller especially if you are travelling through airports. The BOB Motion Travel Bag does a good job of protecting the stroller and carrying it around.

    BOB Motion Stroller Board by Britax

    BOB Motion strollers are designed to carry only one child, however if you have another child, an older sibling maybe, you can attach the Britax Stroller Board to extend the capacity of the stroller. It is a great way of accommodating your second child with the stroller. Considering there are many other cheaper options available, my guess is not many parents would opt for this. On the plus side however, it is easy to install and remove and can carry weight of upto 50lbs.

    Infant Car Seat Adapter Frame

    The infant car seat adapter frame is a universal adapter, which means that it can be used with most popular car seats model to convert the BOB Motion to a compact Baby Travel System.

    BOB Motion Stroller Weather Shield

    The BOB Motion Weather Shield does an excellent job of protecting your child from heavy rains or cold winds. It keeps your baby warm and dry inside the stroller. Although a canopy offers good protection for your child, it only helps as long as it is not raining and not particularly windy. The weather shield is made up of water resistant material. it fits over the stroller completely, but still provides the baby with a good view of the surroundings. The weather shield costs extra but its worth buying because it protects your baby well during unpredictable weather conditions.

    BOB Motion Sun Shield

    Many parents get confused between a BOB Motion Stroller Sun Shield and the BOB Motion Weather Shield. They look similar but are meant for different purposes. The weather shield protects the baby from rain and wind whereas the sun shield protects the baby from harmful UV rays that can harm your baby’s gentle skin. It is also a protection against insects.

    Warm Fuzzy for Motion Stroller

    BOB Warm Fuzzy is used in colder climates to keep your baby warm and comfortable in the stroller. It is a padded fleece seat liner inserted to give your baby warmth in cold weather.

    All BOB Motion stroller accessories can be bought separately if you feel it is required. You can also buy them online if there are some good deals going around. Accessories are not a necessity but can definitely enhance your experience with the BOB Motion stroller further.

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