Bob Revolution SE Stroller Review

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Bob Revolution SE Stroller Review: Armed with an innovative design, the stroller allows parents to use it as walking stroller, as well as a jogging stroller.

Bob Revolution SE Stroller Review

Here are the main features of the Bob Revolution SE baby stroller.

Good maneuverability
Unlike most other baby strollers, that come with four wheels, this one only has three, and uses the front one as a pivot. Because of this particular design, parents handling the stroller will find it easier to maneuver it through cramped places using the Bob Revolution Stroller.

Compact design
Storing a baby stroller is always a concern for parents. Bob Revolution folds easily, taking very little space, when you need to put it aside, until the next walk with your baby.

The frame of this baby stroller is made of aluminum alloy, which provides it more durability. Also, the fabrics used in making it are stain resistant and can easily be washed and dried.

Extra storage space
Smaller baby strollers usually offer smaller storage space but with Bob Revolution, you get two side pockets and one extra back pocket. While it may not be as convenient as larger models, it can still offer plenty of space for bottles of water, baby’s necessities and snacks, especially when you take your baby out to accompany you on your jogging sessions.

The stroller comes equipped with great safety features. Foot activated brake, 5 point harness that keeps your kid secure. The harness is designed according to the latest safety standards for baby strollers and it is both connected with the seat fabric and the frame.

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Updated: February 24, 2018 — 9:53 am

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