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Englacha 2-in-1 Junior X Rider

Here’s a complete review of Englacha 2-in-1 Junior X Rider. Englacha 2-in-1 Junior X Rider: Pros & Cons PROS: Option to connect a seat as well so that younger kids don’t have to stand when tired, works with most brand of strollers, Sturdy & Durable CONS: Bit time consuming to change the assembly settings, installation […]

Lascal Buggy Board Mini Review

lascal buggy board mini

The ‘Lascal Buggy Board Mini’ is a versatile stroller board that can be used with most strollers. Lascal Buggy Board Mini: Pros & Cons PROS: Sturdy, lightweight, comes with connector kit CONS: Takes time to assemble Buy Lascal Buggy Board Mini Lascal Buggy Board Mini: Review Is it Universal? The Buggy board Mini is compact […]

Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board

bumbleride mini stroller board

Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board is a skateboard-style stand that easily attaches to the back of the stroller (works mostly with bumbleride strollers), and offers lots of fun for growing toddlers. If you already own a bumbleride stroller, using this accessory is a good way to extend its lifespan and relevance. Bumbleride Mini Board: Pros & […]

Joovy Bumprider Universal Stroller Board

joovy bumprider universal stroller board

Joovy Bumprider Universal Stroller Board reviewed here. It has got an innovative design and is fun for kids to ride. Joovy Bumprider Universal Stroller Board: Pros & Cons Pros: Flexible design where almost everything can be adjusted, sturdy construction, works with most baby strollers, easy to attach – no special tools required, offers smooth ride […]

Baby Jogger Glider Board Review

Baby Jogger Glider Board

Baby Jogger Glider Board reviewed here. This is a great stroller accessory by Baby Jogger that can be used with a single or double size Baby Jogger model. Baby Jogger Glider Board: Pros & Cons PROS: Easily foldable, sturdy CONS: Works only with Baby Jogger brand strollers (specifically the city/summit series strollers) Restrictions: Do not […]

Englacha Plastic Board Rider HDPE

Here’s a complete review of the Englacha Plastic Board Rider HDPE, a great way for parents to go with their little ones. Its affordable, fits most strollers, and perfect for those looking for a universal stroller board. Englacha Plastic Board Rider: Pros & Cons PROS: Fits most strollers, small and convenient, easy to assemble, wheels […]

Mountain Buggy Freerider Kiddie Board

mountain buggy freerider kiddie board

Mountain Buggy Freerider Kiddie Stroller Board reviewed here. Mountain Buggy Freerider Kiddie Board: Pros & Cons Pros: Attaches to most stroller brands, Freerider detaches into independent scooter Cons: Requires a connector (sold separately) to attach properly Mountain Buggy Freerider Kiddie Board: Review The freerider is a stroller board with a simple (yet ingenious) concept that […]

Mothercare Hop On Stroller Platform

mothercare hop on stroller platform

Mothercare Hop On Stroller Platform easily attaches to your stroller, allowing a toddler to ride it, especially useful when your little one is tired and no longer wish to walk. Its a useful accessory that allows you to transport the elder child along with the younger sibling in the pushchair. The stroller platform doesn’t interfere […]

OBaby Kiddie Ride On Board

The Obaby Kiddie Ride on Board is a universal buggy ride-on board that allows parents to have a toddler/second child on the stroller. It’s a universal ride-on-board which means its compatible with almost every stroller, pushchair and jogger (it needs to have two vertical parallel bars on the rear side). Its also cheaper compared to […]

Bugaboo wheeled board review: Best stroller boards for bugaboo strollers

bugaboo wheeled board

Bugaboo Wheeled Board: Here we take a look at the best Bugaboo stroller boards designed for use with Bugaboo strollers. Top Bugaboo Strollers/Adapters Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board Bugaboo 2017 Comfort Wheeled Board Cameleon3 Adapter Buagboo 2016 Adapter for Comfort Wheeled Board, Cameleon Bugaboo Universal Stroller/Wheeled Board A few years back, Bugaboo had come out with […]

Dream On Me Tag-A-Long Stroller

dream-on-me deluxe tag-a-long expandable stroller

Here’s a complete review of Dream On Me Tag-A-Long Stroller. This a two-wheeled universal accessory that fits behind the back of almost all the popular brand of strollers. It comes equipped with a non-skid pad and a strap that allows you to remove the board (when not in use), without disconnecting it from the bracket […]

Stokke Xplory Rider Board

Stokke Xplory Rider review: Stroller board for your Stokke stroller to accommodate another child. Stokke Xplory Rider Board: Pros & Cons Stokke products are known for their high quality. The Stokke Xplory Rider Board ensures your Stokke stroller accommodates two kids, which is quite useful after the addition of a new family member. PROS: Sturdy, […]

Hoco Bumprider board

hoco bumprider board

Hoco Bumprider board is a universal board and attaches to most baby prams without requiring an additional adapter. Features: Suitable for nearly all children’s prams (without requiring additional adapter) Suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years and max. Weight of 20 kg. Dimensions: 65 x 31 x 19.5 cm. Weight: 2.4 Kg Buying Links […]

Babysun nursery buggy board

Babysun Nursery Buggy Board

BabySun nursery buggyboard is the ideal extension for families with more than one child. Quick and easy installation Suitable for almost all baby carriages Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years of age Maximum weight 22 kg Board surface with slip-proof surface Adjustable in width, Instructions included Footprint approx. 39 x 23 cm LxB; […]

Fillikid Buggy Board with Seat

Fillikid Buggy Board with Seat

Fillikid Buggy board (with seat) reviewed here. Its a universal board designed to fit almost every stroller, easy to attach/detach from any stroller without any tools. Fillikid Buggy Board with Seat: Review Fillikid Buggy board (with seat) is suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years (maximum weight: 20 kg) and is designed to fit […]

Peg Perego Book Board

peg perego book board

Peg Perego Book Board reviewed here. Made in Italy, this sleek riding board lets a second rider comfortably stand on the board while parent pushes the stroller. Peg Perego Book Board: Review Handle Extensions are included with the Book Stroller Board to allow for more space for both parent and rider (a common issue faced […]

BABYBLUME Kiddyboard Buggyboard

Babyblume Kiddyboard Buggyboard

BABYBLUME Kiddyboard Buggyboard (B-board) reviewed here. BABYBLUME Kiddyboard Buggyboard: Pros & Cons Pros: Universal, easy to attach Cons: BABYBLUME Kiddyboard Buggyboard: Review The B-Board is a universal kiddy board that attaches to most strollers. Its sturdy and the three wheels ensure a comfortable ride to the child, since the weight of the child is distributed […]

United Kids (506401) Buggyboard

United Kids Buggyboard

United Kids Buggyboard is a universal kiddie board that attaches to most buggies/strollers. The adapters provided ensure they can be connected to various models (with or without rear axle). United Kids Buggyboard: Pros & Cons PROS: Its universal, Inexpensive. Assembly instructions easy to follow CONS: The wheels swivel but can get stuck at times United […]

Best Buggy Board Videos

stroller boards

Useful Buggy Board Videos: See these stroller accessories in action. They are easier to fit, are safe, practical and fun to use. Buggy Board in Action Fitting Your Buggy Board BRITAX Stroller Board Baby Jogger Glider Board Baby Gizmo Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board in Action Freerider – Scooter and Stroller Board in One Mothercare […] © 2018