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Jane Universal Surfer Board

Jane universal surfer board

The Jane Surfer Board is a universal pushchair platform to accommodate another Child, and has been specially designed to fit your Jané pushchair — the Jane Muum, Epic, Rider and Trider strollers, ensuring a simple, quick and safe assembly than any other platform. It also works with other brands of strollers. Jane Surfer Board: Pros […]

Englacha Easy Rider Plus Trailer

englacha easy rider plus trailer

Englacha Easy Rider Plus Trailer reviewed here. This is a new release from Englacha, a brand that is well-known for making stroller boards and other stroller accessories. A stroller board is a cost-effective way of allowing another child to ride along on a stroller. Although this is not a universal board, it fits most of […]

Englacha Wooden Board Rider

Here’s a complete review of Englacha Wooden Board Rider. With this board, you can easily double the space available on your stroller. It works with most brands of strollers, you can adjust its height and width, and works smoothly on most surfaces. Features Here are the main features of the Englacha wooden board rider: Easily […]

Micralite Rider Wheeled Board

Micralite Kiddy Rider Wheeled Board

Micralite Rider Wheeled Board allows you to carry a second child with no extra effort. The Rider is a dedicated Micralite product that is attached and removed from all Micralite strollers in seconds. When not in use, the Rider can simply be folded away and clip onto the stroller frame in the stored position. The […]

Lascal Buggy Board (Mini, Maxi) Reviews

lascal buggyboard

Lascal Buggy Board (Mini, Maxi) reviewed here. Lascal is basically a Swedish company that makes a variety of high-quality baby products, including ride-on boards. All their products are known for their innovative designs that make life easier for families. Top Lascal Buggy Board Products Lascal’s ride-on boards are known as buggyboards; their two more popular […]

BRITAX Stroller Board Review


The BRITAX Stroller board is an easy to attach accessory and attaches to most strollers and is an additional travel option for children. If you have been looking for a stroller board for your britax stroller, to accommodate another child, do consider buying this stroller board. BRITAX Stroller Board: Pros & Cons PROS: Good but […]

Orbelle Pick-Up with Universal Mount

Orbelle Pick-Up with Universal Mount

Orbelle Pick-up with Universal Mount reviewed here. The Pick-up with it’s Universal Mount is a universal ride-on-board designed to fit almost every Stroller. Toddler’s love being outdoors and enjoy watching the world go past them, and moms want their children to be nearby all the times. This is where the Orbelle Pick-up board comes in […]

Pram / Pushchair Board

Pram Board is basically an optional buggy board that can be attached to the pushchair when your toddlers legs get tired. Pram Board A pram board is basically designed for families on the go. This pram accessory eliminates the need for a double buggy when you have younger and older children. Your older child can […]

JOOLZ Footboard Review

Joolz Footboard

Joolz footboard ride-on board reviewed here. This accessory allows your child to stand comfortably and enjoy the ride when outdoors. Joolz Footboard: Pros & Cons Pros: Stable, Easy to Assemble Cons: Expensive Joolz Footboard Review The Joolz Footboard is a stroller ride-on board that can be used with a Joolz Day or Joolz Geo pushchair […]

Stroller Board Connectors / Adapters

Lascal buggyboard connector kit

Stroller Board Connectors / Adapters: These are additional accessories/parts that you may have to buy if you want a particular stroller ride-on board to work with a wide range/make of strollers. Popular Stroller Board Connectors/Adapters Adapters for Bugaboo Strollers: It’s easy to attach the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board to your Bugaboo Stroller with the appropriate […]

Skateboard Stroller Board

A Skateboard stroller board attaches to one side of the stroller (near one of its rear wheels) so that it leaves sufficient space for the child to use it like a skateboard. You can even have two such boards (certain models) attached near each of the wheels so that two kids can use the boards. […]

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