DIY Stroller Board made of wood, go make one now

diy stroller board

DIY stroller board: Anybody game for it? If you have some spare time on hand, and the inclination, you can make your own buggy board.

Here’s a DIY stroller board made of wood. The wood is 3/4 ply and the casters I bought it from a local store. No real plan just a rough sketch and some measurements for height and wheel clearance. It works great, corners well and rides pretty smoothly. My daughter seems to enjoy it and now my wife doesn’t have to worry about how to get the two of them around.

DIY stroller board
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DIY Stroller Board

Its perfectly doable as shown in this YouTube video. This guy has made a perfect looking (and fitting) stroller attachment (stroller board with a seat) for a toddler, attached to the rear of the stroller.

A great idea worth considering.

DIY Stroller Board: Video

Watch: How to make your own Stroller Buddy or Stroller Mate, Stroller Attachment.

Buy a Stroller Board

Think its too technical for you to attempt these designs? Why don’t you buy a stroller (buggy) board instead.

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Stroller Board Attachments Every purchase, as a new parent, for your baby, has an added weight and importance to it. One of the important equipment is the stroller that you use to transport your precious little one about the place.

And because these are popular baby products, you do get several accessories that you can use along with it. You can get great value out of your stroller by using these accessories, most of which you need to attach to the main body using a Stroller Board Attachment.

Here’s a video showing a Stroller Board Attachment:

So you could either have a seat attachment that you can put on it, or connect a board. You need to give some thought on which one to buy. For example, your 3 yr old might stand on the board for short excursions, but what if you go for a long walk? What if he/she needs a rest and may not want to stand? So you have to choose accordingly.

If you have two strollers, you can attach them using connectors so that you can take both your kids along, but then that makes the stroller a bit wide.

Stroller Board Attachment

With the help of a stroller board attachment, you can connect various accessories to get the best out of your baby stroller.

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