Doona Infant Car Seat / Stroller

The Doona car seat makes traveling with an infant much easier. It easily converts from an infant car seat into a compact stroller. Its comfortable for infants and easy to maneuver in tight places.

Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller: Review

The problem with most travel system is that you have to laboriously maneuver a bulky car seat and a separate hard-to-fold stroller every time you have to go out with your baby. So when Doona came out with a game-changing car seat that unfolds into a stroller, we had to take a look at it. Here’s what we discovered.

Who is this product designed for?
Its ideal for families on the go.

Doona Infant Car Seat / Stroller

Is it practical to use?
Very much. Lifting is limited to putting it in and taking it out of the car. It’s ridiculously easy to maneuver. Because of its low-profile design, it can turn tight corners and fit into smaller spaces. As a city dweller, this made tooling around with it on foot, without any need for a car, completely worthwhile.

With most travel systems, you have to get the stroller out of the car, unfold it, and then get the car seat out and lock it into the stroller. With the all-in-one Doona, this process takes a few seconds before you are out of the car and ready to roll.

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Pros & Cons

What is its USP?
The Doona is an infant car seat that, with the push of a lever, transitions into a compact stroller.

What could be better?
No doubt it seems to be a revolutionary product, and probably that’s why it comes at a cost, around $500. Besides, because the Doona is primarily a car seat, when in stroller mode, there are some accessories you’d be wise to purchase that might seem superfluous with any other travel system.

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The Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller is perfect for those with busy lives and lots of errands to run. If you can afford it and if time is a premium in your life, do consider it.

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Updated: February 11, 2018 — 6:22 pm

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