Fabric Cleaning Plus Stain Remover Kit (for Child Seats, Strollers, Upholstery)

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Top fabric cleaning plus stain remover kits (for Child Seats, Strollers, Upholstery).

Clek Fabric Cleaning Plus Stain Remover Kit

Clek Fabric Cleaning Plus Stain Remover Kit for child seats, strollers, upholstery and gear.

Ideal for Crypton Super Fabrics, but should work well on any water-cleanable fabrics. Ideal for cleaning child seats, strollers or upholstery. Use it to remove almost any stain imaginable – grease, grass, crayon, or anything else. The cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and do not contain harsh chemicals, bleach or solvents.

Buggy Love BLSCFC4C Buggylove Organic Stroller & Carseat Fabric Cleaner

Say bye to all the mystery spots on your stroller / car seat. This fabric cleaner is highly concentrated, organic solution safe for use on cotton, linen, micro-suede and most fabrics. Easily and naturally remove hard to lift stains on furniture, upholstery, clothes and more.

Buggy Love cleaner. Stroller cleaner. Safe for family use

Updated: February 11, 2018 — 6:38 pm

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