Difference between a footmuff and a bunting bag?

difference between bunting bag and a footmuff

So is there really any difference between a footmuff and a bunting bag?

They both serve the same purpose really, to keep your little one warm during winter.


Most strollers and car seats nowadays come with an accessory called a footmuff (they are even sold separately). The footmuff is a quilted accessory designed to fit over the foot of the car seat or stroller. Most footmuffs also have extensions, so that it can be raised further to cover the entire body of the baby.

Bunting Bags

Bunting bags are used as a way to keep baby warm while outdoors (taking car trips or in the stroller) in the winter. You get Bunting bags for strollers as well as for car seats. These come with slots for straps to anchor the bunting to the seat. Most bunting bags come with adjustable hood.

Note: A stroller bunting bag may not be used with a car seat (please read safety instructions).

Difference between Footmuff and Bunting bag

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Updated: February 11, 2018 — 6:38 pm

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