How to fold & unfold a stroller

fold stroller

Here’s an easy to understand guide on how to fold prams and strollers.

While its not feasible for us to show how to fold every single brand and model of pram or stroller, but we can definitely show you how to fold some strollers so that you get an idea of how its done.

So if you own a Graco, Baby Trend or any other brand, you can tale cues from these steps on how to open and close a stroller/pram.

  • First of all you should remove everything from the basket underneath, if there’s one in your stroller or pram
  • Next step is to close the canopy (if there’s one)
  • Next, go ahead and remove the bumper bar
  • Every stroller will have some sort of lever, which you need to push, which will fold (collapse) the stroller
  • To unfold the stroller, just do the steps in the reverse order.

Watch: How to fold & unfold a stroller

Updated: November 3, 2017 — 8:04 am

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