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Best lightweight strollers: These have more features than umbrella stroller, almost like standard single strollers but are more compact. Here are the best rated at different price points.


Lightweight strollers can look very much like standard buggies and its easy to get confused between the two.

However, strollers in the lightweight category are smaller in size (medium to small-sized)

  • Lightweight strollers weigh 15 to 19 pounds
  • Full-sized strollers start at about 20 pounds or more.


The obvious advantage is that its compact and easy to maneuver.

Parents prefer lightweight strollers to the larger ones as they don’t want to push all the extra weight, but still want convenience features (which are missing on umbrella strollers).

Lightweight vs Umbrella Strollers: Differences

Here are a few differences between lightweights and umbrellas.

  • Umbrella strollers have curved handles (look like umbrella handles). They also fold vertically. Lightweight and most other types of stroller fold flat horizontally.
  • The seat on Umbrella strollers typically don’t recline flat so they are not suitable for newborn babies, nor can it accommodate a car seat (if you wish to have a travel system). Umbrella stroller come with almost no extra features (no parent cup holder, storage basket, etc). Lightweight strollers on the other hand have almost all the same features of full-sized standard buggies, but minus the extra bulk.

Updated: December 29, 2017 — 2:07 pm

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