Mountain Buggy Jogging Stroller, Built for All Terrains

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Mountain Buggy Jogging strollers are loved by users who love to take their strollers out on all Terrains. Here we take a look at the top jogging strollers from Mountain Buggy.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging Stroller I’ve seen many parents whom I jog with, complain about how they struggle to find the right jogging stroller to match their active lifestyle. There are many such parents who love the outdoors but find it hard to settle on a good transport system for their child that will also be good for such outdoor activities. But you don’t need to worry any longer because there is a sleek, stylish, practical and immensely versatile, the latest version of Mountain Buggy Jogging Stroller that has come to your rescue.

A Mountain Buggy Jogging stroller is everything that an active parent was looking for in a stroller. This stroller has been around for a long time (since 1992 when it was first born in New Zealand) when an active father’s need for an all-terrain buggy led to the first Mountain Buggy stroller. Since then, there have been constant changes in its design, features and technology that have only evolved and improved over the years. The company in fact, based these improvements and innovations based on feedback from parents. They took care to try and incorporate the needs and suggestions of parents which has today, led to the improved and innovative stroller like Mountain Buggy Jogging.

You also have a choice between the Urban Jungle and the Terrain, when deciding on which Mountain Buggy stroller jogger to buy. There are many similarities between the two, however, the Mountain Buggy Terrain stroller is much superior in performance. And as parent with an active lifestyle, you will just enjoy jogging off the road with your baby using this stroller.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging Stroller: Features and Benefits

Over the years, the Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging Stroller has turned out to be a popular model among parents, courtesy its long list of features.

The Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller has a 2 in 1 feature, i.e. it is a jogger and also a stroller rolled into one. It comes with many attractive features such as swiveling front wheels, locking system, durability and versatility etc. Many of the parents I know have loved its features and hopefully, you will love it too.

So let’s look at some of them.

Easy to Use, Handy Folding System, & Compact

The stroller needs only 2 easy steps to fold into a compact size and if you have the upgraded version 2013 model, the added feature is an automatic lock on the Terrain baby jogger that safely keeps the stroller folded. The stroller also has a audible click that confirms the frame is locked. You can also fold and stand it independently in the folded position. That also helps keep the fabrics off dirt besides, the stroller in the upright folded position occupies minimal space, and is also easy to store away.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging StrollerThe compact design of the stroller also includes an easy to reach mesh pockets (2 nos.) that are extremely convenient and useful. You can easily store your snacks, kid’s toys, sipper or water bottle and many other things. Apart from this, there are two water bottle holders that is made of a tough fabric on either side of the frame to help you hold your bottles firmly.

To add to that, there is a large undercarriage basket. It can carry a weight of approximately upto 11 kgs. You can safely keep your’s as well as your child’s belongings in It since it has a mesh with a zip that prevents things from falling out while running or jogging with the Mountain Buggy stroller. There is an additional pocket at the back of this basket with zip where you can put away your phone, glasses, keys or similar items.

Several Safety Features for the Baby

For every parent, the safety of their child is always paramount. So it is important that the safety features in a stroller is reviewed and researched thoroughly before purchasing it.

The Buggy Terrain Stroller has a five-point safety strap that is richly padded to snugly wrap around your baby. I know of parents who always keep a close eye on their child no matter how safe the environment may be. Here too, in the Buggy Terrain Stroller, there is a large hidden plastic window that can be closed with a Velcro strap, through which parents can keep a close eye on their kid as they push the stroller.

The stroller is extremely stable and sturdy. It is made of a fabric, a tough 600 denier polyester material which makes the entire unit both durable and also water repellent. You can also easily wipe and clean the fabric keeping it hygienic and dirt free for your baby.

In case you want to stop the stroller, there are foot operated brakes and for additional safety of your child, there are removable bumper bars for protection.

Easy to Push & Comfort for the Baby at ALL times

Comfort is one of the key requirements of a stroller, for both your baby and you. If your baby is uncomfortable while in the stroller or you don’t find it comfortable enough to use it, then there won’t be much use of the stroller.

When it comes to the Buggy Terrain, the seat can be fully reclined from lie-flat for newborn babies, to upright position ideal for infants and toddlers which will help them enjoy the surrounding view. This feature is very useful and not easily found in many other quality baby joggers.

The Buggy Terrain stroller has a large adjustable canopy with a sun visor that flips out. It protects your child from all angles. The best part however is the canopy options with which you can customize and style your stroller to your liking.

The stroller has a very slim look. it has a 25 inch base and a mid-mount shock-absorber that is close to the seat. The stroller offers very comfortable and smooth ride for your kids because of the tires that are pneumatic tires. So, irrespective of what the terrain maybe, you can be assured of a bumpy free comfortable ride for your child.

Parts that Make it Fit for All Terrains: Tires, Wheels and Braking System

Mountain Buggy Terrain stroller has three wheels-

  • One 12″ swivel wheel at the front
  • Two 16″ wheels at the rear.
  • Put together, the wheels combine with on a 25″ width base which gives the stroller maximum precision and control.
    For greater stability and control, you can lock the front wheel forward or backward when jogging or strolling. The front wheel also easily and effortlessly turns the whole 360 degrees. You can adjust the alignment of the wheel in such a way that it tracks well on straight lines when jogging with the front locked in forward position. In addition, the Mountain Buggy jogging strollers has pneumatic tires that work well on any terrain. You don’t even need to put any effort in pushing the stroller, be it in sand on a beach, on snow, or off road trails. Now, isn’t that cool?

    Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging Stroller Review

    You would want to keep a check on the speed for which the stroller has a very efficient hand operated disc brake that is located within easy reach at the centre of the handle. Apart from which there is also a foot brake to keep the stroller safely stationary when you come to complete stop. The foot brake has two inter-linked pedals and is located between the rear wheels. All you need to do is simply step on either one of these pedals, and both rear wheels get automatically locked.

    Smart Adjustable Handle on the Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller

    Buy Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging StrollerIf you are either tall or short, you will find that the adjustable Handle feature of the Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller is a real boon. In the Mountain Buggy Terrain, you can adjust the handlebar from 34 inches to 46 inches to gives parents of various height options and the best pushing posture that won’t hurt or effect your back.
    You also end up with more space for longer strides which means that you don’t have to worry about kicking the rear of the stroller, which is usually the case with strollers that have a shorter handle height.

    The handlebar in the Mountain Buggy Terrain is rubberized for comfortable yet firm grip, so you won’t find your hands slipping off the handle while jogging with the Mountain Buggy Terrain. I have especially have had many of my friends who are tall and who have used the Mountain Buggy Terrain raving about this product. They pointed out that compared to a BOB or Baby Jogger with average handlebar height of 42 inches, the Mountain Buggy Terrain handle at 46 inches above ground which makes it very comfortable to use especially for those who are tall.

    Size and capacity of Mountain Buggy Terrain

    The total weight of the stroller is 29 lbs and the maximum weight it can carry is 55lbs. So, the Mountain Buggy Terrain can accommodate both infants and toddlers up to a maximum weight capacity. When folded, the dimensions are 42½” x 24½” x 15½”. It can also be used for new born babies till the age of 6 years, or till the child reaches maximum load of the stroller.

    Even an older child is comfortable using the Mountain Buggy Terrain and thanks to the raised, high seat it comfortably accommodates kids with long legs.

    Variations Offered: Available Styles and Designs

    This stroller is an all-terrain, tough, easy to manoeuvre stroller. It moves around easily and allows you to get around with precision steering. It has many impressive and new features such as:

    • a front wheel, lockable in 3 modes
    • a harness with no frills and straps
    • a canopy that can be customized
    • automatic frame lock
    • swing-away bumper bar
    • Fabric that can be easily removed

    If you want a more compact Mountain Buggy Terrain, all you need to do is purchase a Urban 12″ wheels set that you can buy separately and replace the larger 16 inch rear wheels with the Urban 12″.

    The stroller is available in flint/marble color. Unfortunately, if you have more than 1 child, you will find only single strollers of Mountain Buggy Terrain and Urban Jungle Mountain.

    Mountain Buggy Terrain travel system

    So What Comes Included in Your Purchase?

    You will find the following items with your purchase of Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller:

  • A flint / marble colored jogger stroller
  • Sun canopy
  • Bottle holder
  • Seat liner

    You Get Warranty Too

    The stroller comes with 1 year warranty from your date of purchase. The warranty is against material and defects in workmanship. So, if your stroller is less than a year old and has a fault, you can visit Mountain Buggy website and file a warranty claim. However, do ensure that you Keep your proof of purchase safe as you may need to show at the time of claim.

    Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus
    List Price: $599.99
    Price: $550.95
    You Save: $49.04
    Price Disclaimer

    Optional Accessories for Mountain Buggy Jogging Strollers

    Accessories always enhance the experience of your product. With Mountain Buggy Terrain or Urban Jungle too, you can combine it with the right optional kit to your stroller. I’ve listed some of the popular accessories for the strollers below. Some of these are extremely popular with parents:

    Carrycot – You can use this accessory to transforms your stroller to a Bassinet. It basically allows you to lie your baby flat, and facing you as you push the stroller.

    Mountain Buggy Terrain accessories

    Car Seat Adaptors – The car seat adaptor can convert your Terrain or Urban Jungle to a compact baby travel system. You will find a variety of these adapters. These following is the list of infant car seats that are compatible with the strollers:

    • Mountain Buggy Protect
    • Phil & Teds Apha
    • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio
    • Graco Snugride
    • Maxi Cosi Mico
    • Cabrio fix and Pebble
    • Cybex Aton

    Face-to-Face Rear Facing Seat – A face-to-face rear facing seat allows you to have a close interaction and bonding with your child, especially after your baby has outgrown a carrycot or infant car seat.

    The freerider – If you have an older kid, you can opt for a freerider. It is actually a simple concept and design similar to a stroller rider board. All you need to do is attach it to the rear of the stroller (doesn’t need tools) and voila! Your elder and older child can enjoy a exciting fun-ride, while the younger sibling can sit in the stroller.And when your kid is old enough to scooter and do a free wheeling alone, all you need to do is flick a switch and detach the Freerider from the stroller connector and watch your kid go!

    What others are saying about Mountain Buggy Jogging Stroller

    The Mountain Buggy Terrain baby jogger has got a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars in customer satisfaction which tells a lot about the product and the fact that parents have really loved the product.

    The most talked about features have been – the swivel wheel that turns corners with ease, sturdy and stable off road performance, the adjustable handle, and the quick folding mechanism. Have a look at some of the comments from parents who have used the Mountain Buggy Terrain jogging stroller:

    • “I love the fact that its rugged, works well on most surfaces, and still comfortable for the baby.”
    • “The handle is adjustable that works great for taller people, and has a great grip that doesn’t peel off like other jogging strollers.”
    • “We’ve tried the BOB revolution and Ironman as well as Baby Jogger and loved this far more.”


  • If the front wheel is not aligned properly or the tires not inflated correctly, it can pull to one side
  • Incase of a lot of sweating, the rubberized handle may not absorb all your sweat
  • Slightly expensive, but worth the money you pay
  • May not fit into small car trunks without removing the wheel, which however are quite easy to pop out and replace
  • Location of the valve is a bit awkward especially while pumping the tires and could have been better positioned

    Minor Complaints

    Some parents have found the buggy difficult to push because it keeps veering to one side. In my opinion however, I feel that one of the reasons this could be happening maybe because of the stroller not being properly aligned the front wheel, or if the tires are not inflated to the right pressure as described in the Mountain Buggy Jogging stroller user manual, parents could face the above mentioned problem.

    There have been some complaints about the handlebar as well with some parents stating that the rubberized handle of the stroller was not absorbent enough. But that could be because of excessive sweat and primarily the purpose of the handle design is for a firm grip, so you do not run the risk of loosing control of the stroller, and not to soak up excessive sweating. Wearing a sweat hand band could solve that problem in case of profuse sweating while jogging.


    Mountain Buggy Terrain

    • It’s easy to use on any terrain whether on grass or paved areas.
    • Its rugged<
    • Strong grip handle that remains firm and doesn’t peel off.
    • Good storage space. The zip in the basket at the bottom keeps your things safe. It can easily accommodate a water bottle and other items.
    • The adjustable canopy gives good protection from the sun
    • You can even take it on hikes, on snowy roads and running too
    • Comes with a high seat which is good for growing toddlers
    • Can be easily folded and transported
    • Backed up by assurances of good customer service
    • It is lightweight and lockable
    • Converts to a travel system with infant car seats

    How much should you pay for the Terrain Stroller?

    There are great deals going on quality jogging strollers like the Mountain Buggy Terrain. So be sure to check online for any offers.

    Mountain Buggy Terrain vs Urban Jungle

    The Mountain Buggy Terrain is a stroller and jogger designed to handle any kind of rugged terrain while the Urban Jungle with its compact structure and all 12 inches wheels, is more of a urban stroller meant for navigation crowded side walks, tight corners, shopping malls etc in an urban set up. It is also much easier to transport in trunks of smaller cars.

    Both strollers are single buggy’s, the Terrain has a maximum weight capacity of 55 lbs whereas Urban Jungle is 45 lbs. The Urban Jungle however will appeal to fashion conscious city parents as it is available for in seven exciting colors.

    Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller, Solus
    List Price: $599.99
    Price: $550.95
    You Save: $49.04
    Price Disclaimer

    If you are looking at choosing between a Mountain buggy Terrain and urban jungle, the advantage the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle is that it is more compact, and more manoeuvrable stroller for the city, is matched by using the optional urban 12 inch rear wheel pack.

    This optional accessory helps to downsize the Terrain while retaining its quality as a rugged off road jogger, and a stroller that equals the capability of the Urban Jungle for regular daily use in the city.

    Mountain Buggy Terrain vs Urban Jungle Stroller – Comparison Table

    Mountain Buggy Terrain Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle
    Singel or Double Single Single
    Stroller Weight 29 lbs 24 lbs
    Stroller Capacity 55 lbs 45 lbs
    Available Colors 1 7
    Front Wheel Lockable 12 ” swivel wheel Lockable 12″ swivel wheel
    Rear Wheel 16″ with optional 12″ 12″
    Stand Fold Dimension 43” x 25” x 15” 41” x 25” x 12”
    Brake System Hand Brake, plus Foot Brake Foot Brake Only
    Handle Adjustable Adjustable
    Car Seat Compatible? Yes Yes

    What Would We Recommend?

    The Mountain Buggy Terrain jogging stroller is a clear winner as far as I am concerned as the choice for parents that are actively jogging, running and use off road trails. The bigger rear wheels and disc operated hand brake make only add to its appeal and make it a superior choice for jogging.The best part is that it has the ability to convert to a more compact stroller for regular city use with the 12″ Urban wheel set that makes it an extremely versatile jogger stroller. You may however, consider the Urban Jungle, if your need for a stroller is primarily for city errands, and light jogging in your neighborhood.

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