Expecting a Baby? Start Planning For These Extra Expenses

Newborn baby

New baby related costs and expensesThere’s no doubt babies bring lots of joy and wonder into our lives, and are the most precious things that one could ever get. Having said that you also need to start planning for those extra expenses.

Here we take a look at the various costs that you’re likely to incur once you have a baby.

Upfront Costs

  • Childbirth. The costs of pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care can be substantial. Make sure you have some sort of insurance to pay for it. Review your health insurance policy to see what is covered and what you must pay out-of-pocket. According to Parenting.com you can expect the following price ranges for overall coss: vaginal delivery ($7,000-$10,000), C-section delivery ($10,000-$12,500); delivery with complications (up to $250,000-$300,000)
  • Mementos. You might want a few keepsakes from your baby’s birth, but remember that posting pictures from your phone on Facebook (FB) is free. For birth announcements, baby book or scrapbook, photo printing, you will have to incur additional costs.
  • Insurance. You’ll have two insurance needs: health care for the baby, plus term life insurance for yourself.
  • Supplies. When your little bundle of joy arrives, you will need things like additional furniture, crib, changing table, rocking chair and accessories, bedding, blankets and mattress, bassinet, stroller, baby carrier, car seat, diaper bags, feeding supplies (bottles and nipples, bibs, burp cloths and bottle brush); highchair; baby monitor, cleaning and toiletries (bathtub, towels and washcloths and accessories); play yard, bouncer, play mat, childproofing supplies, safety gate.

Monthly Costs

Here are some expenses that you can expect to pay on a regular basis going forward (prices according to a combination of estimates from BabyCenter.com and WhattoExpect.com):

  • Diapers. Many parents report that diapers are one of the biggest sticker shocks when their first baby arrives. Here are the costs: disposable diapers ($30 to $85 a month), diaper pail ($25), cloth diapers ($20 a month), diaper service ($75 a month) and cleaning wipes ($20 a month).
  • Food. You may or may not need baby formula, depending on your health and choices, but your child will start eating solid food after roughly six to eight months. Expect these costs: formula ($60-$100 a month); nursing bras ($50-$75 each); breast pump ($50-$250); nursing pillow ($30); milk storage bags, breast pads, ice packs and accessories ($75); baby food once your baby starts solid food ($50-$100 a month); and plates, bowls, sippy cups, utensils once on solid food ($45 one-time cost).
  • Day care. Day care when your child is a newborn will cost more than it will in later years since babies require extra care and attention. Depending on where you live, annual day-care costs can be $5,000 to $20,000 a year.
  • Clothes, toys, books, etc. These items are actually among of the cheapest, in part because they’re mostly discretionary. Plan on spending $30 to $80 a month, for a reasonable quantity of clothes and other items.

Being a parent is a rewarding experience, but it can also scare you, as everything around you changes, including your finances.
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Opportunities to Save Costs

Don’t let these numbers scare you, however, you should definitely plan for these additional expenses.

One example of essential items include a crib, stroller, and car seat; these can easily cost well over $1,000, if you don’t do your home work.

One of the best ways to lessen baby related costs is to tap into your network of family and friends and check if they have items like crib, stroller, toys, books that their own children have outgrown?

Would your grandparents be willing to watch/babysit the kids, even for one or two days per week, while you’re at work?

You will need to check discount stores and online deals on the internet. There may be good used items at yard sales or flea markets. Friends and family might provide some hand-me-downs or shower gifts.

Thinking about such things can definitely save you some money.

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Having said that, you really don’t need to fret over these things. Irrespective, you will be able to deal with these costs. Have faith, and everything will turn out alright, and you will eventually emerge out much stronger and wiser.

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