Skateboard Stroller (Longboard stroller): For adventurous moms & dads

skateboard stroller

Want to have fun while pushing the stroller? Why not skateboard while pushing the stroller.

Skateboard with Stroller

Its common to see parents skateboarding while pushing the stroller; its so much fun. Some parents even tweak the skateboard so that it can be attached to the end of the stroller while moving.

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Skateboard Stroller (Longboard stroller)

The Skateboard Stroller may look like a completely new design, and it is, but its very likely that few years down the line, almost every stroller brand will have a design similar to this in their catalog.

Initially, when the design was unveiled, most moms were not comfortable with the idea of strapping the baby to the front of a skateboard. However, as they started becoming aware of its several safety features, there are many who are looking forward to owning one.

Men, in particular, are quite excited about owning a Skateboard Stroller.

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The longboard stroller was developed, tested, and approved for use in the European Community. And currently, its available only to residents of the EU. However, soon it will be available across the world.

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