Stroller at Zoo (Stroller Safari)

sit and stand stroller how many kids

So how many kids can you fit on a sit and stand stroller? Well, definitely a few, if its a short distance. This family were enjoying their beautiful day at the zoo, after along time.

The excited kids got tired after a while and decided to take a ride/rest on the stroller. There were more kids than what the stroller is designed for, but its okay for a short distance, and that too in a zoo (no risk from other vehicles).

What to pack while going to the zoo?
Here are some essentials – Diaper bag. Snacks. Water bottle. Stroller. Car seat.

Some kids don’t like to sit in the stroller, when in the zoo…they all are so excited. However, I would say you still take the stroller along, as the kids can get tired. Its also good for holding all the kids/baby stuff. And some kids love to push the stroller while walking and watching the animals.

Updated: March 16, 2018 — 8:09 am

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