Stroller Bunting Bags / Footmuffs: Buying Guide

difference between bunting bag and a footmuff

Top Baby Bunting Bags / Footmuffs reviewed here: These help to keep your little ones warm in winters.

Bunting Bags / Footmuffs: Guide

There are so many stroller accessories these days, wonder how parents keep track of all that. For instance, have you heard of a bunting bag / footmuff?

It is a well-known fact that new born babies / infants have to be kept warm and dry.

So in case you decide to step out of your house with your baby, you will need to take layers of clothing, along with other necessary baby related clothing.

A much better way to do this is to use a baby bunting bag or a footmuff. Read more on the differences between the two.

Bunting Bag / Footmuff

You can buy a footmuff/bunting bag separately as an accessory. If it does come with the stroller itself, it is usually a quilted accessory that you will find is tapered, placed at the foot of the stroller or car seat.

These are usually made of high quality material that provides sufficient warmth to your baby, looks stylish, and are much more convenient to carry.

These accessories are used to keep your baby warm and dry in cold weather, when you’re outdoors. Most bunting bags are available for children – newborn to 2-years old.

Nowadays you may even find one which is water resistant. If you have a bassinet or a carry cot, you need not worry because the footmuff may still be able to keep your baby warm in a bassinet. Some footmuffs have a back covering too, apart from just covering the feet of the baby. It almost looks like a sleeping bag and your baby can comfortably slide into it.

Bunting bags can also be used on most trailers and strollers, and are compatible with most 5-pt harness systems and systems that include a lap belt.

Baby Bunting Bag

And since babies are involved, expect safety to be given primary importance.

That is why you will find safety straps of either three or five point harness systems to rest directly on child.

Most recent baby bunting bags are versatile enough to be used with car seats, strollers, joggers, and bike trailers.

Baby bunting bags can be found at most retailers, they’re popular baby items and are considered as safe for your baby.

Baby Bunting Bags

Useful Features of Bunting Bags

  • Usually made of polyester, or other warm fabric
  • For use with car seats, strollers, and joggers
  • Machine washable
  • Removable top for easy temperature control
  • Allows safety straps to rest directly on the child

Bunting Bags / Footmuffs Videos

Word of Caution

A word of caution here, do not use anything quilted and thick under your baby in a car seat. Using the sleeping bag style bunting in a stroller is fine but you should avoid it in a car seat unless the manufacturer themselves sell a bunting designed for the car seat.

Car manufacturers usually discourage owners to add items, such as bunting bags, to your baby’s car seat because it poses safety risks (risk of suffocation). Don’t use bags, pads or any other items unless they are part of your car seat or are sold by the same manufacturer. Furthermore, bunting bags haven’t been tested for use with car seats, so not enough evidence exists suggesting that they can be used safely in these instances.

Bestselling Bunting Bags

Here are some popular options of Bunting bags.

Cozy Cocoon “Swaddling” Outfit – Tuxedo
Cool Tuxedo – complete with tails that are lined in red, includes a matching hat. NO complicated wrapping or strapping, NO uncomfortable zippers, buttons, snaps or Velcro. You just have to slip the Cozy Cocoon onto the baby (like a sock). Two sizes: Small = 0 to 3 Months; Large = 3 to 6 Months. Material is 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex. Machine washable.
Buy on Amazon

Cozy Cocoon “Swaddling” Outfit with Matching Hat – Monkey
Another cute option for your little one. Light weight stretchy cotton makes it a great wear any time of the year. This set has no blanket. Machine wash, cool water, tumble dry.
Buy on Amazon

JJ Cole Original Infant Bundle Me

Parents can grow weary of shoving an assortment of blankets into a stroller to keep baby insulated on lengthy walks. Fortunately, this handy little pouch keeps baby warm with a minimum of fussing for Mom and Dad.

The exterior is made out of soft yet durable fleece material while the inside is made of a thick faux sheepskin. There are openings for three and five point harnesses, which should cover most strollers so baby can be extra secure, even on bumpy roads. The entire unit is also machine-washable (on cold cycle, tumble dry on low). This Bundle Me is designed for children up to 12 months or 21 pounds, whichever comes first. We’re not sure how snug a bug in a rug is, precisely, but it couldn’t be much cozier than this. –Charlie Williams

Eliminates need for blankets and jackets
Removable top for easy temperature control
Machine washable.
0-12 Months

Big horse bunting bag

Big horse bunting bag baby,pure cotton butterfly style ,beautiful and healthy. Pure cotton material, ventilation, safe, Soft and comfortable.

The size is about 80*42 cm
Lovely bear pattern,beautiful fit for baby 1-36 Months
No added material,printing and dyeing ,Our aim is safe ,safe,safe.

Skip Hop Stroll and Go Three-Season Footmuff, Infant
Available for Infant and Toddler, Windproof and water resistant, Machine washable

JJ Cole Urban Bundleme, Stealth, Toddler
Polyester, Machine washable, use with car seats, strollers, and joggers

JJ Cole Urban Bundleme, Stealth, Infant
List Price: $49.95
Price: $46.95
You Save: $3.00
Price Disclaimer

WoolyLux Tipi 100% Australian Sheepskin Footmuff

Do you take your baby outdoors during chilly weather? A luxurious baby warming shelter made from Australian Sheepskin – provides warmth and comfort outdoors in winter, spring, and fall weather.

PARENTS GIVE THIS FOOTMUFF 5 OUT OF 5 STARS! 100% Australian Sheepskin Footmuff,
WARM, WATERPROOF, and WIND RESISTANT DESIGN. Luxuriously Soft, Natural Temperature Control
Provides warmth and comfort outdoors in winter, spring, and fall weather
Removes Moisture from Baby – No Sweating!
Size 6-36 months. Universally fits all 5 point and 3 point strollers

Zip-Open Expandable Stroller Foot Muff

The BMW Expandable Footmuff is designed to grow in size along with your child. Fleece lined for warmth and padded for comfort, the footmuff covers the entire seat and fastens quickly and easily to the stroller. The zip-open center panel allows for easy to access children whilst the bottom panel expands for added length. Hidden pockets provide convenient storage space for small items. Age from newborn to 4 months.

Designed to grow with your child
Zip-open bottom panel allows easy expansion, fully opened size: 3.53 x 18.10 x 31.50 inches
Centre-front zipper makes it easy to access child
Weight: From 12.7 to 55 pounds

Skip Hop Stroll and Go Three-Season Footmuff

This clever, single-purchase solution is the only footmuff you’ll need. Whether winter, spring or fall, our versatile footmuff offers the perfect level of warmth for your little one. Use one layer for fall or spring, then add the winter layer when colder weather rolls around.

If you head indoors, simply unsnap the winter layer for instant temperature control-great for shopping with a napping child. Features: Available in Infant (up to 12m) and Toddler (1yr+); Snap-on winter layer for extra warmth; Windproof and water resistant outer shell; Fleece-lined adjustable collar and zip-open hood; Bottom unzips for dirty shoes; Zippered pocket with toy ring; Roll away and secure cover when not needed; Stays put with non-slip backing; Fits most strollers; Machine washable; Size (inches) Infant: 29.5l x 25w; (cm): 75l x 64w; Size (inches) Toddler: 40l x 23w; 102l x 59w.

Polyester, Polyfill
Available in Infant (up to 12m) and Toddler (1yr+)
Snap-on winter layer for extra warmth
Windproof and water resistant outer shell
Bottom unzips for dirty shoes
Machine washable
Available in Infant (up to 12m) and Toddler (1yr+)
Snap-on winter layer for extra warmth
Windproof & water resistant outer shell
Fleece-lined adjustable collar and zip-open hood
Bottom unzips for dirty shoes

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