Stroller Fit, all body workout for moms & dads

Stroller Fit. It’s an all body workout for moms and dads. Great way to be fit and get some quality time with kids.

It can be challenging for moms to find sufficient spare time to exercise. But here we bring to you one group of moms who found a convenient way to work out with their little ones!

It’s called Stroller Fit.

Founded by Heather Carr, Stroller Fit is an all body workout for moms.

Carr knows that schedules of most moms are like crazy, and its difficult for them to even spare 10 minutes for themselves.

And trying to find a baby sitter or ask somebody to watch your child, while you go for a fitness class or to at the gym, is just impossible these days.

That is why Stroller Fit is such a practical option says Carr.

“It’s all about doing an all body workout: Cardio, circuit training, muscle training with your kiddos in tow,” she said. “This gives you that option to take your kiddos with you, get that hour workout in, get it done and you can go on with the rest of your day.”

Stroller Fit is an easy way to get started with a fitness program.

“You know that even if you haven’t slept more than 3 hours the night before, you’ll come in the next day and say, ‘guys I’m really tired. I don’t know how it’s going to go today.’ And they’ll say, ‘I’ve been there. You got this. Let’s go!'”

The guys at Stroller Fit can modify any workout to fit any mom.

And while you work out, your kids are learning something too. They start appreciating that losing weight is not working out for 4 weeks, but fitness is a way of life.

The stroller fit classes rotate between Country Park, Bicentennial Gardens and Lake Daniel Park in Greensboro.

For more information on Stroller Fit, check out the group’s website.

Updated: February 28, 2018 — 6:52 am

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