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Here we list all the Stroller friends trails and hikes, which will allow your family, including your little ones, to get outdoors, enjoy nature and also get some exercise.

Most moms take time to get over their post-partum depression, and some are also reluctant to venture outside with their little ones, as they are not sure if most places are stroller friendly or not.

However, you will be glad to know that there are quite a few groups that organize stroller hikes and runs, at stroller friendly trails.

Here, we will list hikes, where you can take your stroller. We will include pictures of hike attractions and trail conditions.

You will also find lot of information on how to exercise (and keep fit) with babies in stroller, besides including safety precautions, equipment advice, and other outdoor information.

The advantage of going on stroller friendly hikes and trails is that you get to meet other like minded parents, you get to be a part of an informal support group for parenting, get lots of advice on getting in shape post-pregnancy, get some exercise, and of-course you get to enjoy the amazing open spaces.

Here you will find plenty of information regarding:

  • Hiking, running, biking, swimming, and other outdoor activities for families, with children in strollers (yes, its possible).
  • Encourage families to get outdoors and to promote healthy choices for families, with an emphasis on building an appreciation for nature, health, and fitness.
  • Find opportunities to engage in hiking and other outdoor events (including runs) for families with children in strollers.

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