Stroller Lock: Safety for Prams & Strollers

buggyguard retractable stroller lock

Best Stroller Locks that will ensure safety for your pram/stroller and will ensure peace of mind when in crowded places.

Top Stroller Locks

While some users say that it is tedious to lock and unlock the stroller, we suggest you rather do that than lose your expensive stroller.

Lot of people feel nervous leaving their stroller outside (in public) unattended, and I have seen so many owners using bike locks for their strollers (not a bad idea at all).

So a lock is definitely not a bad idea for your stroller.

Here are some of the bestselling locks for your stroller.

UShake Bike Lock Cable, 4-Feet Bike Cable

Schwinn SW77862-3 Coil Combo Lock

Safety Precautions

Here are some more safety precautions that you can take when you are out with your stroller. We have also listed a couple of more alternatives, in case you don’t wish to take your pricey stroller at the zoo or theme park.

Mark Your Name on the Stroller
At crowded places, there’s also a likelihood of your stroller getting picked up by someone else by mistake. Strollers can get lost, mixed up (or stolen) so its important to mark your stroller with your name and contact number.

There are many who write it under the seat. This way, others can identify your stroller and get back to you, in case yours get misplaced.

Buy a Cheap/Umbrella Stroller
If you’re really worried about your pricey stroller getting stolen, another option is to just get another cheap, lightweight, umbrella-type stroller that you can take anywhere in the city.

These are small, easy to maneuver, won’t attract lot of attention (from potential thieves), and you will not feel very bad if you were to lose it.

Rent a Stroller
Most parents hate leaving their stroller unattended but sometimes you have to, there are many places where you can’t bring it.

If you’re really worried that your stroller might get stolen, you could consider renting a stroller. It turns out expensive this way, but if you’re really concerned about your personal stroller being stolen, then renting is the only option.

Types of Safety Locks

In general, there are two types of locks when you talk about strollers:

  • Stroller lock to prevent theft of your stroller.
    These stroller locks are a must if you have to park your stroller, and when you have to leave the stroller away for some time (not with the baby in it of course) .

    For example, if you go to Disneyland, or to the circus, or to watch some game (sports).

    Your stroller will always be at risk of being stolen, if you don’t use a stroller lock.

    You can choose from a variety of stroller locks. The ones from Buggyguard are quite popular. A stroller lock usually comes with a retractable safety wire.

    These stroller locks prevent impulsive theft when you have to leave your stroller unattended for shorter periods, say for shopping or at a café.

  • Lock (sort of brakes) to keep your baby safe in the stroller.

    In general, when you stop and have to park the stroller, make sure that all the safety locks are secure and the brakes are on. Wriggling children can start the wheels rolling again, in case the rakes are not on.

    When the pram is not moving, it’s also a good idea to use the safety strap.

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