Stroller Skating: Roller Skating With a Stroller, Effective Workout for Parents

Once you become a mother, most of your workouts are more likely to be about play and less about getting to the gym and sweating it up. Weekdays are filled up with daycare/your own work and kid exchanges, so it may not also leave you with lot of time to go to the gym with the kids.

Because of all the chaos around the house lately, your traditional workout will take a back seat for a moment. Even though that’s the case, you should try to move around a lot, and that includes getting outside more often. So hit the park, go for walks and play outside.

Want so more fun? Get yourself inline skates (and better still, go for stroller skating). It surely is fun to let your inner kid get out and get your skate on.

As a kid, if you have spent hours upon hours in your roller skates skating around the garage and driveway, then its time to do it again Its a great form of exercise as well, and it doesn’t feel like exercise at all because it’s so much fun.

Its safe to Stroller Skate
There are several moms who skate with their little one in the stroller, and its perfectly alright so long as you’re mindful of your speed. If you’re have a stroller that has a handbrake, its even better.

Its common to see Stroller skaters on the beach bicycle trails of Southern California, especially on the Santa Monica and Venice Beach trails.

However, you should be a decent skater, before you step out on your skates with your kid in the stroller. If you’re a beginner, you should learn the basics of skating.

  • Get some practice stroller skating, before taking your child along
  • Make sure you have a tether strap intact on your wrist, tied to the stroller.
  • Brake on the stroller is essential.
  • Make sure your child has safety gear/harness
  • Avoid stroller skating with an infant in the stroller; wait for your child to grow up a little.

Beginning Stroller Skating Techniques
If you have always wanted to learn to skate, and never got the time to learn it, probably you can start now. And you can take the help of your stroller (even without your baby in it) – you can use it for support so that you don’t fall down.

Here are some basic techniques to learn in case you intend to stroller skate:

  • Start with the basics – master forward skating and stopping.
  • Find an open space like basket ball court or parking lot surface to practice stroller skating tricks – going forward and backward, turns, etc.
  • Always hold on to the stroller, arms and legs slightly bent. Just hold on to the stroller and you will not lose your balance.

Watch: Couple doing inline skating with their baby girl

Skating Together

Children get excited to see skates, and they would want to wear it instead. Because they look so obsessed—and it could hurt their ankle playing with the adult skates, its better to get them something like the Fisher Price skates that are meant for the little ones. Don’t forget to get a helmet for your younger child.

Once everybody at home has skates, it can be family fun, you can even take your little one in the stroller. Take a test run nearby, on something that has a smooth surface. If you’re with your husband, take turns pushing the kids in the stroller and skating laps around the lot. Pushing a stroller on skates seriously ups the workout intensity, and its fun as well. The kids will also have lots of fun watching their parents skate around.

Stroller Skating

Want to have some fun and mix it with exercise? Go for stroller skating with your kid.

There are several ice rinks that host stroller skating sessions where parents could push their child in strollers (singe or double strollers) on the ice. In case you’re not confident enough to skate, you can always opt for stroller skating lessons.

Stroller skating is a bit easier than simply skating on your own. That’s because the stroller acts more like a walker and helps to support you.

Watch: Stroller skating

Most rink will offer special stroller skating hours. There are several moms who do this with their younger children. Well, it can make a complete fool of yourself, but you and your little one will surely had a blast.

Updated: January 15, 2018 — 7:45 am

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