Stroller & Car Seat Toy Bars / Toys: Keep Your Baby Entertained

stroller toy bar

Stroller & Car Seat Toys: These do a great job of keeping your little ones occupied during trips. Find toys that light up, squeak, play music, and more.

Toy Stroller: Great for Stimulating Your Babies & Toddler’s Senses

A toy stroller can be a great aid, not just to keep kids occupied, but also to nurture toddlers.

Lot of parents use these to keep young babies occupied when they go out for walk. Babies love the attractive and fun appearance of a stroller toy. You even get toy strollers that can be used by a little girl to take her little baby doll around town, or by a little boy who can transport some of his goodies and toys from one room to another or to a friend’s house.

Parents, however, know that there is more to these toy strollers than just fun and play. There are many more benefits of using toy stroller:

  • Many have seen how they encourage the development of their kids’ motor skills. The many hands-on activities that the kids can do with the stroller strengthens their fine motor skills. More than that, pushing the stroller around helped them enhance their coordination, balance and gross motor skills.
  • Parents can also see that the toy stroller allows their kids to be more socially and emotionally inclined and stable. Of course, the stroller helps the baby to learn how to walk, but in doing so it fosters independence within them; it makes them think and feel that they did it all alone. The toy also encourages the baby to start on an early role play and build their confidence on doing many activities as they develop their skills.
  • Stimulating their kids’ senses is also possible with a toy stroller – its colourful, attractive and textured surfaces and fabrics stimulate the kids’ tactile and visual skills. Some strollers do come with music and other stimulating toys that allow the baby to enhance her auditory sense as well as to encourage her to listen and learn.
  • There are so many brands and styles to choose from – either an expensive or a cheap stroller. Parents can surely find one that fits their budget and still allow their kids to take advantage of the so many benefits of owning a toy stroller.

A Stroller toy can also be a great gift for baby shower. Infants love brightly colored toys as they easily grab their imagination, and love to touch them and explore. You can explore the various stroller toys here.

Toy Steering Wheel for Stroller

Babies and kids like the feeling of driving a car, and that is why the Toy Steering Wheel for Stroller is such a popular toy.

Stroller toys are a great way to keep your little one amused when outdoors; they can touch them, pull them, all those sounds and lights keep them entertained, and all this means they are less likely to throw tantrums, so even you can be relaxed.

The toy steering wheel is one such toy that you may consider.

Toy Steering Wheel for Stroller

These wheels easily attach to the front bar or snack tray of a stroller within easy reach of the baby, and usually features a steering wheel (some models also come with gear shift, ignition key and buttons and knobs for interactive play).

Additional features include music, sounds and lights to delight the little one’s imagination.

Checkout these popular toy steering wheels.

Most toy steering wheels work with most brands and makes of strollers, and are great accessories to keep your child engaged and amused in the stroller while on the go.

Watch: Steering Wheel Pushchair Toy in action

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy, Blue
List Price: $20.99
Price: $9.96
You Save: $11.03
Price Disclaimer

This fun spiral includes four visually delightful hanging toys in perfect batting and grabbing range. Perfect for baby’s gross motor skill development and visual tracking.

Includes peek n’ see mirror,2-clacker rings, bird rattle, crinkle bug, textured fabrics and satin ribbons
Easily wraps around car seat handles, most strollers and cribs
BPA Free

VTech Baby Swing and Sing Monkey

VTech Baby Swing and Sing Monkey
List Price: $11.19
Price: $11.15
You Save: $0.04
Price Disclaimer

Shake the adorable Swing and Sing Monkey by VTech or press his light-up button to hear cute phrases, upbeat songs, sounds and melodies. Use the eight textured links to connect the monkey to car seats, strollers, diaper bags and more!

These colorful links can also be attached to the ring in the monkey’s hands to form a rattle. Connect the links and learn with the monkey! The baby rattle is intended for babies from birth to 3 years. The musical rattle requires 1 AAA battery (battery included for demo purposes only; new battery recommended for regular use).

Press the Swing and Sing Monkey’s light-up button to hear upbeat music and learn about body parts and colors
Shake the adorable monkey to hear cheerful phrases and fun sounds; baby rattle features 25+ songs, melodies sounds and phrases
Use the eight textured links to connect the monkey to car seats, strollers, diaper bags and more
Connecting the links together and moving the monkey’s head builds motor skills; connects to the VTech Pack-O-Links for even more fun (sold separately)
Requires 1 AAA battery (battery included for demo purposes only; new battery recommended for regular use); intended for babies from birth to 3 years

Guurachi Multi-function Infant Baby Activity Toy

Wraps around crib rail or stroller handle,Promotes clutching and grasping and teaches cause and effect.

Develop baby’s tactile senses and hand eye coordination naturally Perfect toy for the car seat, baby carrier or crib
Spiral shape attaches easily to strollers, cribs, and car seats,A great on-the-go travel toy, attaches easily by wrapping around most anything
Not only are they valuable sensory toys for our babies, but they are also adorable “dressings” for your crib. They will really live up your room!
[Size] about 50cm

Nuby Plush Animal Chimes

Nuby Plush Animal Chimes, 3 Month Plus
List Price: $13.99
Price Disclaimer

The Nuby Animal Chimes interactive toy will delight and amuse your baby. The soft plush toy blends fun and functional. It features bright colors, fun characters with hard and soft surfaces that will captivate your baby’s imagination. The Animal Chime links to car seats and strollers; perfect for travel.

Link fastens to car seats and strollers; perfect for travel!
Fun sounds and colorful patterns stimulate baby’s senses
Fun colorful characters, plus hard and soft surfaces.
3 Months+/ BPA FREE
Style May Vary. You will get one of the following characters: Dog or Lion

Taf Toys Musical Arch – Owl. Stroller

Take baby on a voyage of discovery with the Taf Toys Musical Arch Owl! This super soft and richly colored pram arch is full of musical surprises. As baby reaches for the lovable hanging Owl toy, gentle music will be activated and lights will twinkle and shine, helping baby to understand cause and effect.

Along with the musical Owl, baby can also amuse himself with the rattling balloon and jingly tree that hang lovingly from the arch, helping to enhance baby’s motor skills and cognitive development. The Taf Toys Musical Arch Owl is designed to fit easily onto most prams, infant car seats or bouncers by means of two large sturdy clips. Contains replaceable batteries.

Super soft and richly colored arch is full of musical surprises.
Gentle music will be activated and lights will twinkle when baby touches the Owl toy.
Fits easily onto most prams, infant car seats or bouncers by means of two large sturdy clips
Includes a rattling balloon and jingly tree.
Replaceable batteries included
Taf Toys Musical Arch | Best For Infant And Toddlers’ That Fits To Stroller & Pram, Activity Bar With Hanging Musical Owl Toy, Easier Outdoors And Easier Parenting, Keeps Your Baby Happy, Ideal Gift

Manhattan Toy Whoozit Activity Spiral Stroller and Travel Activity Toy

The Whoozit Activity Spiral is a multi-sensory activity toy with a spiral shape that allows it to wrap around most anything – perfect for car seats, strollers, and cribs. The bright colors, bold patterns, and smiling Whoozit character will instantly capture your baby’s attention. Each of the three soft toy characters are attached by a satin ribbon and promote reaching and grasping while offering various textures for baby to touch and feel. Squeakers, crinkle paper, and rattles allow baby to explore sound while teaching cause and effect.

From Manhattan Toy’s award winning Whoozit collection – Baby’s Favorite Friend!
Spiral shape attaches easily to strollers, cribs, and car seats
A great on-the-go travel toy, attaches easily by wrapping around most anything
Features soft attachments that squeak, crinkle and rattle, each dangling from satin ribbons
Promotes clutching and grasping and teaches cause and effect

VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

It is a delightful book that features four classic nursery rhymes. With every flip of the easy-to-turn pages, your child can sing along with their favorite nursery rhymes or they can look at the colorful illustrations. With a bright light-up button and music button, your little one will be engaged as they learn about animals through their favorite stories!

Includes 6 colorful pages; 3 light-up character buttons on the tabs of the pages make this a great early learning center
This interactive infant book contains 7 popular nursery rhymes and 4 movable pieces; over 20 different songs, phrases, and sounds
Lights, sounds, and open ended questions encourage thinking and learning for your infant or toddler as they play
The educational toy is durable, safe and easy to clean once play time is over; wipe down all of the pages, buttons, and sounds quickly and easily
The book contains BPA free plastic, recommended for kids 6 months to 3 years old; Frustration Free Packaging means book comes easier to open in a plain brown box

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

VTech Touch & Swipe Baby Phone
List Price: $14.99
Price: $14.96
You Save: $0.03
Price Disclaimer

Introduce your little one to the world of smart phones with the Touch & Swipe Baby Phone by VTech. With pretend apps, watch them call home, check the weather and organize their day…just like mom and dad. Includes sliding screen for two modes of play: learning and music.

Touch screen kids phone with 12 light-up pretend apps including pretend calendar, clock, and weather
The 12 apps respond to touch and light up; toggle between the app screen and music mode using the slide at the bottom of the pretend phone
Home button saves your phone number so toddlers can pretend to call home; 15 melodies, different phrases and sing along songs keep kids engaged
Educational kids toy introduces role-play and hand eye coordination; songs help teach toddlers ABCs, 123s and first words
Baby phone is designed for 6 month to 3 year olds; toy is not moisture proof, features auto shut-off and includes 2 AAA batteries

Baby Stroller Toys Buying Guide

Boredom for your little one could mean trouble for you as parents. And the best way to avoid trouble is to get few interesting baby stroller toys. These are designed to keep the little ones occupied so that you can also enjoy your stroller/shopping.

Baby Stroller toys are colorful, make interesting sounds, have multiple textures & contrasting patterns, that draws the attention of babies, amuses & stimulates them while on the go or even at home.

These cute looking toys are fascinating for babies who would love to play with these. Not only do they amuse the babies, these toys also stimulate their curious minds and help sharpen the baby’s mind.

Most of these stroller toys can also be used in the car (as long you have some sort of bar to hang them) also will also make for great room accessories.

Best Baby Stroller Toys

Things to keep in mind
Here are some things to keep in mind before buying a baby stroller toy:

  • Buy soft toys with a soft surface and smooth finish; avoid toys with rough edges.
  • Buy toys that are reasonably large in size as it will ensure babies don’t put them in their mouth (even if you go in for smaller sized toys ensure you take care of this).
  • Buy stroller toys that are sturdy and durable, you don’t want the parts to easily come off.
  • Go in for washable toys as kids have a tendency to put the toys in mouth.
  • Get toys that are bright in colors, look attractive and make interesting sounds. These keep the kids occupied.
  • Avoid toys that could be a potential risk. For example a colorful rope could entangle a baby.

Keep these factors in mind and your babies will have a nice time playing with safe toys.

Baby stroller and baby carrier toys include handcrafted wooden toys, dolls, sand sets, and many more varieties. Checkout these interesting stroller toys and car seat toys, available at competitive prices.

What is a Toy Bar

A stroller toy bar/arch is a bar on which you can hang toys to keep your little one entertained while on the go. Toy bars not only fits most strollers but also works with infant carriers and most car seats.

Babies love to look at the mirror, they also love touching and pulling the toys. Most of the toys on the bar are usually birds and animals. On some toy bars, the toys are also detachable, so you can just remove the owl and give it to your baby to use as a rattle.

The straps of the bar easily attach to strollers and carriers for on-the-go fun. Most of these toy bars also allow you to adjust the angle, which is obviously a great feature.

A toy bar in action

stroller toy bar

Car Seat Toy Bar for Convertible Carseats: Travel-Friendly Toys & Games

A Car Seat Toy Bar is basically a attachment Toy Bar that you can use on the car seat. Several toys hang from this bar which your little one can play with. Its a great way to keep your child occupied and entertained while you focus on your driving.

A car seat toy is a great way to keep your baby amused when on the road. If you’re looking for a peaceful journey, make sure you have some of these in your car.

Some of these Car Seat Toy Bars are universal in nature, in the sense that those can also be used on a stroller (its best to check the specs to see if it really does).

Should you buy a car seat toy bar?

If you’re looking for peace of mind while driving, I would suggest that you invest in one. The toys are colorful, bright, make sound; your little one can touch and feel them.

Kids love the toy bars, and they are really easy to take off and attach to the car seat.

Checkout these popular Car Seat Toy Bars.

car seat toy bars

More Car Seat Toys

Popular car seat toys include doll car seats and toys that hang from a bar (you can even attach toys to the handle of the infant car seat). Popular brands that make car seat toys include Lamaze, Buzzing Brains and Tiny Love toys.

A doll car seat is basically a miniature toy car seat designed for kids, to teach them them the importance of safety when travelling in a car. Children learn a lot by seeing others, and tend to imitate them. A toy doll car seat helps children understand the importance of good passenger safety, and lets them play the role of a responsible parents.

Kids can safely secure their doll or stuffed toy into the doll car seat, just as one would use a real car seat. Such toys encourage children to wear seat when travelling in a car. The better toy car seats come with 5-Point harness that is fully adjustable, allowing it to fit dolls or stuffed toys of various sizes. Even the seats of the baby car seat toy is padded, just like a real car seat.

Watch: Car Seat Toys

Tomy Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Toy: Hang it Over a Crib, Stroller, Car Seat, or Play Mat

Here’s a complete review of the Tomy Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Toy. Infants and kids will love this toy; it comes with bright colors and sounds, kids loves its crinkling sounds and teething antlers. Its really cute and well made, and more importantly, its a take along toy. If you’re out with your little one, this toy will be a great companion when the baby is sitting in the stroller. Its several colors, textures, and sounds will keep the baby amused for hours. Available for around 10 bucks, this toy is available in two designs – Mortimer the Moose & Muffin the Moose.

buy Tomy Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Toy

Here are the main Features of the Tomy Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Toy:

  • Available in two designs – Mortimer the Moose & Muffin the Moose
  • You may also hang the toy over a crib, stroller, car seat, or play mat.
  • Made of bright colors and sounds to stimulate your child
  • Cuddly body, chewy antlers and “tail” rings, legs and hooves make sounds
  • Brightly covered hooves chime, squeak, rattle and crunch when baby grabs or shakes
  • Antlers are teethers
  • Feet are colorfully patterned
  • It makes a variety of sounds, squeaks when you squeeze him.
  • Attached Lamaze link makes this handy as take-along toy
  • Suitable for infants and above
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 5.3 x 2.8 inches, Weight: 4.8 ounces

This is a cute toy that will come in use right from the infant hood to above. The Lamaze link at the back makes it easy to take your baby’s favorite moose along. You can hang it over a crib, stroller, car seat, or play mat and keep your baby engaged with its squeaks, rattles, and crunches. ‘Lamaze’ is a known brand that makes developmental toys that are not only safe to use but also engage children.

That’s All

A Stroller/Car Seat Toy Bar is an entertaining toy bar with several small toys that provide multiple activities for your baby, while on the run!

These entertaining stroller toy bars provides multiple activities for babies while on the go. Most toy bars already come with a few toys that are brightly colored, make sound, feature fun melodies, have lights, have spinning balls or fans, colorful beads, mirror for self-discovery…that will keep your baby happily occupied while on-the-go.

Overall, these toys are nice, practical, and even educational.

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