Best Stroller Weather Shields: Rain Covers for Jogger, Double & Other Strollers

stroller weather shield / rain cover

Review of the best stroller covers: These are the perfect all weather shield to protect your little one from the elements – cold weather, wind, and rain. Active families love being outdoors. Waterproof Rain Cover/Shield for stroller’s won’t let moody weather ruin your fun. During the autumn season, weather can be unpredictable, but with these weather shields, fighting off Mother Nature is easy!

Best Stroller Weather Shields / Rain Covers for Strollers

A universal stroller rain cover like Valco Baby Universal 3 will always give you better value for your money than other major brands like BOB, Jeep, Baby Jogger etc, that have stroller rain covers designed specifically to fit their brands and models strollers.

Let’s have a look at some other popular stroller rain covers for specific models of jogging strollers.

Valco Baby Universal 3 Wheel Rain Cover: Provides full body protection from rain wind and snow

Valco Baby Universal 3 Wheel Rain Cover
List Price: $39.99
Price: $39.99
Price Disclaimer
InStep Weather Shield Single for Swivel Wheel Jogger/Stroller. Fits most styles of 3 wheel jogging stroller

Double Jogging Stroller Rain Cover. Protects most double joggers from rain, wind, sleet or snow.
BOB Revolution Duallie Weather Shield: For BOB double Sport Utility and Ironman Strollers

Sashas Rain and Wind Cover for Schwinn Turismo Single Jogger. Easy to fit and clean

Bob Revolution Single Stroller Rain Cover

Made of Polyurethane coated nylon, the BOB Weather Shield for the Single Revolution and Stroller Strides is water resistant. It has large clear windows which help parents to watch over their child even if the stroller is fully covered. It fits all models of BOB strollers if bought in the right size but it is a perfect fit for the Revolution and Stroller Strides joggers.

Benefits of BOB stroller rain cover:

  • Protects your child from wind and rain from all directions. It is waterproof and windproof
  • Allows you to watch your baby in the stroller because of the clear view. The windows are PVC coated nylon windows
  • Has air vents that are located strategically around the cover giving good air flow circulation and ventilation but at the same time prevents rain and moisture to get in. Keeps your baby dry
  • Quick and easy to install and remove, thanks to the elastic attachments.

With all the checklists and brands available, it won’t be difficult to choose the best rain cover for your child.You don’t have to let go of your jogging just out of fear of the rains affecting your baby. The rain cover protects your child from the winds and the rain and keeps them protected. So, you can enjoy your stroll or jog without having to worry about the weather or your baby.

UPPAbaby G-Series Rainshield

Protect your child from the wind and rain with our custom fit G-Series Rain Shield.
Custom fit to all models of G-LUXE and G-LITE
Roll up window with mesh underneath for increased child visibility an breathability
Side vents ensure maximum ventilation
Grommets and Velcro straps allow for quick, easy attachment and removal

Mountain Buggy Nano All Weather Cover Pack

The All Weather Cover Pack is a custom fit set of covers to help protect your little one from the elements. The pack includes both the sun and storm covers, designed specifically to fit the Mountain Buggy Nano.

Includes both the storm and sun cover
Smart custom fit design for airflow & breathability
Protects from sunny days, rain, wind, and bugs
Compatible only with the Mountain Buggy Nano

BOB Sun Shield Single Revolution Stroller for Strides

Help protect your child from the sun, wind, and flying insects. Specially designed mesh screen reduces the mesh screen reduces the sun’s harmful ultraviolet UVA/UVB rays. Compatible with all BOB Revolution and Stroller Strides single strollers.

Help protect your child from the sun, wind, and flying insects.
Specially designed mesh screen reduces the mesh screen reduces the sun’s harmful ultraviolet UVA/UVB rays.
Compatible with all BOB Revolution and Stroller Strides single strollers.

Baby Jogger Rain Canopy, City Mini/Mini GT Single

The Baby Jogger Rain Canopy is custom designed to fit each model of Baby Jogger stroller. This accessory completely encloses the front and sides of the Baby Jogger stroller while providing ventilation. This stroller accessory also prevents fogging for optimal visibility for your baby. City Mini Rain/Wind Canopies are made from a BPA and PVC free material.

Compatible with the city mini single and the city mini GT single strollers
BPA and PVC free
Attaches directly to the stroller

Marrywindix Universal Clear Waterproof Rain Cover Wind Shield

Protects your baby from rain, cold, wind, and belongings
Fit Most Strollers Pushchairs
Size: As the picture shown
Perforated air vents for air circulation.
MATERIAL : Heavy-duty Transparent Vinyl. Safe to child, Waterproof and durable.
It will become supple and soft when your unfold the shield for a while, or you also can supple it faster by useing the hairdryer in low temperature.

Why Stroller Weather Shields / Rain Covers?

Best Stroller Weather Shields / Rain Covers We’ve all faced the problem of unpredictable rains at some point of time or the other. Just when we think it won’t rain today, there is a downpour. Many of us can shrug it off as one among the many days but imagine the plight of parents with small children. Parents stepping out with infants or babies unfortunately don’t have the luxury of taking rains so casually without ample protection for the child from the rains. So, many of them stop stepping with their kids during the monsoons or for those who are bold enough to take a chance are forced to make a dash to the nearest dry area in case of a sudden drizzle or downpour.

Strollers with the canopy doesn’t help much with rain protection. The best bet for such a situation is a rain cover for the stroller. A rain cover protects your baby from the rain keeping them completely dry. It is generally made of clear vinyl with air holes in the side that allow good ventilation in the stroller. It is easy to fold and can be stored in your pockets or your storage bags. Unlike a jogging stroller canopy, it completely covers your baby from all sides. Now, you can without any worry, step out with your baby, not having to worry about sudden rains if you carry the rain cover with you.

A weather shield/rain cover is an indispensable accessory for today’s on-the-go parents, as it offers protection against whatever Mother Nature dishes out, spring through autumn. The best part is that most of these easily adapt to most major brands of three and four-wheeled strollers available on the market.

Shopping Guide for Stroller Rain Cover

If you’re looking for a good Rain cover for the stroller, the best place to look first would at your baby stroller’s brand. Stroller manufacturers make rain covers for specific models of their brand of jogging stroller and they also make some that can be used on other strollers. But if you find a rain cover of the same brand as your stroller, that would be a better option because the rain cover will be a better fit. It may however be a bit expensive than rain covers from other brands.

Keys Features of a Good Rain Cover for Stroller / stroller weather shields:

  • It should be made from rain-repellant fabric. Make sure that the material of the rain cover is a clear material that will last. Buy a rain cover that is durable, since active parents will regularly use the rain covers while they step out with their baby for their exercise regime. The regular folding and unfolding can also wear out a rain cover, so check the strength of the cover before you buy them.
  • Come with anti-mosquito mesh and a multi-function, removable visor that protects against wind as well as the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Side vents are very important for good air flow and ventilation but at the same time it should not allow any moisture or rain in that will wet your baby. So, it is important that you check for a rain cover that has sufficient side vents.
  • The fabric has reflective patches that enhance the visibility of the stroller and its valuable passenger in dusk or night-time conditions
  • Some rain covers have wrinkles when you fold and unfold them, so look out for those and buy rain covers that don’t leave permanent wrinkles on the material.
  • Imagine that you are out in the rain with your baby in the stroller covered by the rain cover and it suddenly flies off with the wind. That could be disastrous. Check for how the rain cover is attached to the jogging stroller. Some covers have Velcro while some others use hooks and tabs. That way your rain cover won’t blow away in heavy wind and rain.
  • These are available in various colors and are machine washable
  • Bulky rain covers take up a lot of storage space, so avoid buying the bulky one’s. Choose a rain cover that can be easily folded and has a storage bag to go with it. Most covers fold-up compactly which can then be stored in a handy, drawstring bag that attaches to the stroller

The best way to help you decide on which rain cover to buy would be by checking online sites. There are a variety of popular best-selling stroller rain covers that can help you decide on which is best for your stroller. You will find both, universal covers and others that are specific to make and models of 3 wheel jogging strollers. Reading the customer satisfaction comments also give you a good idea of user feedback and may help you decide.

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