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Do you have triplets, or twins and another kid of a different age, or all three kids of different ages? Using a triple stroller is the easiest way to transport three kids when outdoors. While the choices are very limited in this category (compared to other types), you should be able to ind something for your needs..

Various Options for 3 Kids

Here are the various options for transporting three kids using a stroller.

  • Option 1: Use a Double stroller and attach a stroller/glider board
  • Option 2: Make two kids sit in a double stroller, and wear the smallest child
  • Option 3: Buy a triple stroller made for three kids
  • Option 4: Sit three kids in a double stroller. Some double strollers have a wide triangle in front of the two seats where a child can sit for small distances. Some parents do it but its not recommended (no harness, seatbelt)

Top 3 Triple Jogging Strollers

Here are some of the top triple strollers available on the market.

Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller

Joovy’s Big caboose stand is another good triple stroller that can seat 2 kids and another child can ride on the rear platform. If the standing child tires, they can turn around and rest on the padded rear jump seat.

Other features of the Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller

  • Perfect for three kids…twins and one toddler
  • Two full size seats with two position recline
  • Front seats accommodate two children from 6 months to 40 pounds and 44″ tall, rear seat accommodates slightly older child weighing up to 45 pounds
  • Includes two universal car seat adapters
  • Rear stand on platform for third child

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Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin Ex Triple Jogging Stroller

This is the best solution for triplet or (twins + 1). The Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X and the Toddler Seat (formerly called the Joey seat) have to be bought separately.

Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller is an all-terrain, stylish double jogger on four wheels. It easily converts to a triple jogger and is attached with a toddler seat, at the frame of the stroller. The seats are richly padded and separate from one another. It even has separate canopies that are adjustable.

The Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin jogger has swiveling front wheels and is just less than 29 inches wide. It wades easily through narrow paths and crowded areas and is very easy to push. The handles on this stroller are adjustable and can be changed to varying heights. So, irrespective you being tall or short, you can comfortably push the stroller.

Other key features of Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin Ex Triple Jogging Stroller

  • The stroller has 12 inch, air filled tires, two swiveling front wheel that can be locked for jogging
  • All Terrain stroller
  • It has a tri mode wheel system i.e. while you turn the dial it changes the wheel into any 1 of the 3 positions – fixed for light jogging, 45 degree angle for toddler seat, and full swivel mode for super mobility.
  • The seats are comfortable and richly Padded and accommodates kids of all ages including Infant Head Huggers
  • The seats have the One Touch Seat Recline system that moves it to any position comfortable for a newborn. It also moves to a fully upright position for toddlers
  • The canopies can be extended providing lot of head room and protection from the sun
  • The handle is adjustable and can be raised or lowered from 30” to 41.5” to suit the height at which most parents can push a stroller without stooping or tip toeing
  • Maximum weight capacity of the stroller – 45 lbs Maximum Passenger Weight (per seat)
  • Weight – 33 lbs(with wheels on) and 27.8 lbs (without wheels)
  • Overall, The Valco Baby Tri-Mode is very popular among parents because of its compact design. Parents also like that it easily converts from a double to a triple jogger for three kids with an optional toddler seat. No wonder that the Valco Baby Tri-Mode has a higher customer satisfaction rating by parents who have used it. The Valco Baby Tri-Mode is available in 2 colors- black and blue.

    BeBeLove USA Green Triple Jogging Stroller

    The BeBeLove triple jogging stroller is a perfect stroller meant for running with three kids on board. It has fixed and rigid front wheels that are more suited for runners, as the front wheels help you track better on straight lines. It is also much safer and have little risk of the wheel coming loose with the rough handling when used in rough terrains.

    Parents who have used this stroller have given mixed reviews about the stroller but that has more to do with the issues in customer service and their response time to any particular issue. There are even complaints about the canopy not being strongly attached due to which it blows away in strong winds.

    Some other features of the BeBeLove triple jogger are:

    • It keeps your kids safe with the 5 point safety harness available on all the seat to strap your children
    • Reclining seats in multiple positions
    • Easy to maneuver the stroller with a conveniently located hand brake on the handle bar
    • Ample storage space in the undercarriage cargo bay to hold ample babies stuffs and toys, with room for your personal things
    • The tires are fixed front and pneumatic tires meant for extreme jogging and running with the kids.

    Overall, the BeBeLove is a good quality triple jogger, and is affordable. This stroller is definitely a treat for all the active moms and dads looking after three kids.

    Triple Jogging Stroller by Safe Tech Strollers

    Triple Trio Baby Jogger Stroller is very similar to the Baby Jogger Summit 360. This red color stroller brand is well built with lightweight aluminum alloy frame. It folds easily and has plenty of storage under the seat.

    Other features of the Triple Trio jogging stroller

  • The canopy with viewing windows is adjustable and it helps to keep a close eye on your kids
  • Maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs
  • The stroller is easy to push thanks to the tires that are air filled
  • The two wheels in the front are 12” and the wheels in the rear are 16”
  • Easy to turn in tight corners because of the front wheels that swivels 360 degree . There is also a locking system on the front wheel for better straight line tracking when jogging.
  • Dimensions when folded: 42″ x 42″ x 19″
  • Individual seat adjustment with front foot rest for all the kids
  • good braking system
  • Comes with a free matching stroller carrying bag
  • The Triple Trio jogging stroller is a good triple jogging stroller with the only setback being its size. The stroller is wide and at times it is difficult to push it through normal sized doors.

    Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller

    Tandem style triple stroller, the seats are vertically aligned. Perfect for tighter spaces, easy to maneuvere.
    Accommodates children weighing up to 40 lbs. per seat. Front and rear seats recline. Comes with All terrain rubberized foam wheels. You may not be able to see all the triplets from your standing position as one is behind the other.

    Kidz Kargo Triple buggies Triple pushchair

    Kidz Kargo Triple buggies Triple buggy Triple pushchair (umbrella stroller) for 3 toddlers or 3 babies. Each seat reclines and operates independently. From birth to 3 years.

    Aspire Twin Buggy + Solo accessory seat (Triple)

    This one is a side-by-side, plus one. This must be ordered from New Zealand and cost alsmot $1K dollars.


    Those who are already parents, will tell you how joyful and challenging it can be to have a baby. Now, imagine having 3. Having triplets pushes you to think everything into 3 times. No doubt, it is a wonderful feeling but parents more often worry about routine things what would be the best transportation system for 3 children? Which is the best stroller?

    Having 3 different strollers is obviously not an option and you cannot cram all three in 1. If your youngest is a new born, you can continue with your double stroller and carry the third baby in your arms, but that’s definitely not a good solution in the long run.

    So, that’s when the triple jogging stroller comes in. A triple jogging stroller can comfortably accommodate all 3 kids and it is also easy for the parents to push and unlike what you may think, it doesn’t take much room either. A triple side by side works well if you have triplets, but that can get too wide and cumbersome for every day outdoor activities (difficult to go through aisles, libraries, doctors offices).

    triple strollers

    A fair warning, triple jogging strollers don’t come cheap, but when it comes to your babies and their comfort, my guess is that parents will choose for comfort over price.

    The best option is something that is compact and something that ideally is a one piece fold (when its raining you really don’t want to deal with a stroller that is a 5-piece fold…with your 3 kids). And although the double stroller market is improving, frankly speaking, there are not many triple stroller options for Moms. That is why many still chose to buy a quality double stroller and have a board attached to it.

    There are many popular brands manufacturing strollers such as, BOB, InStep, Baby Trend, Jeep, Joovy, Schwinn but they don’t have many options for triple jogging strollers. There are however some brands/models, such as the Valco Baby Zee Two Joey Toddler Seat that is popular with active parents who need to go outdoors with three kids.
    such as. Here we take a look at a few more triple jogging strollers.

    Various Styles of Triple Strollers

    Triple jogging strollers come in 2 main styles/varieties – Side by side and Tandem stroller styles. Both of them have their positive points and negative points. You should choose the one that best suits your needs after reviewing all the points of both these styles.

    Side by side Triple Baby Jogger
    The triple side by side jogging stroller is considerably wider than the tandem stroller. It consists of 3 seats in a row which helps you to keep an eye on the three. It also keeps them close together so the kids could bond with each other. At least you can be assured of no fights for the window seat considering that all the kids can enjoy the window seat.

    Tandem Triple Jogging Strollers
    The triple tandem stroller has the seats one behind the other. The benefit of this pattern is that the stroller is slimmer and easy to navigate through narrow corridors. It is also easier to push and the smaller hand difference makes jogging with the stroller very comfortable for you.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Triple Jogging Strollers
    Here are the Advantages:

  • Easy to fold, easy to store
  • Individual inclining seats, so it can individually be adjusted to the child’s sleep requirements
  • Large basket area gives lot of space to carry things
  • Easily adjustable footrest that can be managed individually as per each child’s size
  • Most of the strollers come with the rain canopy that keep your children dry and protect them from sun
  • The strong safety belt keeps your child safe and secure
  • Here are the Disadvantages:

  • If not installed properly, the stroller won’t give the full benefits as it is supposed to. Especially the wheels. If the wheels are not installed the right way, it may appear to be faulty. Check with a member of staff to check for the right wheels for you
  • Triple jogging strollers maybe easy to push but are heavy
  • Some people find the triple jogging stroller to be too large. You can get smaller sizes in triple jogging strollers. However, do ensure that the smaller stroller’s storage is good enough for you
  • The design of the side by side jogging stroller makes the stroller wide and difficult to wade through narrow lanes
  • You will rarely find a triple jogger that is compatible with the car seat. It may still be possible in a tandem stroller but not in the side by side stroller because of the size of the side by side
  • Triplet Jogging Stroller
    Want to get some exercise, while you take out your three kids for a stroll?

    Opt for a triplet jogging stroller. It will help you burn off some of your baby weight.

    These are perfect for three kids who are more or less the same age and size, and its perfect for the family with triplets. Of course, its going to be a bit more expensive than a single or double jogging stroller.

    A triplet jogging stroller will come with the usual features such as adjustable 5-point safety harnesses, comfortable reclining seats, hand and foot brake mechanisms, easy folding, large tires to help you go over rougher terrains.

    These are light-weight and makes it easier for you to get some exercise while spending time wth your little ones.

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