5 Useful Tips for Buying and Selling a Second Hand / Used Baby Stroller

Used Baby StrollersUsed Baby Strollers: What are the things to look for when buying a second-hand stroller.

Why Do People Resell their Strollers

There are man owners who decide to resell their strollers, once they no longer feel the need it. This apples to both high-end as well as lower-end strollers.

Isn’t it better that someone uses it, rather than the stroller gathering dust in some corner? Unless there is some real damage to the stroller, there’s no reason to thrown them away.

In North America, its common to see strollers for sale at yard sales, on Craigslist, and all the usual places where people sell their used items.

There are many parents who also donate their strollers to charities.

Buying a Used Stroller

Being on a budget could mean cutting corners but parents always want to give their best to their baby.

Many parents opt to buy second hand strollers but there are always concerns such as:

  • How do we know if the stroller won’t fall apart in couple of days?
  • How do we know the condition of the stroller is as good as they say it is?

These are all very valid concerns and to ease your worries a little bit, I have put down some points you can go through before making a purchase.

  1. how Does the Used Stroller Look? Check its Condition

    The first thing you need to do when you select a stroller is to check its condition. Check if everything is place, if its intact, push and fold it couple of times to make sure everything works ok, push it in all directions to check if its smooth, check the safety features like the seat-belts, brakes , use the handlebar, Look for sharp edges. Ask yourself these important questions such as does the seat sag? Do the wheels make a squeaky noise when it moves? Does it feel sturdy? Don’t feel shy or hesitate to ensure you check the stroller thoroughly before you buy it.

  2. Check for Recalls

    It is very common for some strollers to get recalled by manufacturers. Even the best stroller models have had recalls. To check if any used stroller has had recalls, get the model number and any other information about the stroller and you can either contact the manufacturer directly or check on the CPSC for recall lists. You can still buy the stroller if it was in the recall list. It is not important if a particular stroller was in the recall list or not what is important however is what it was recalled for and if it was rectified. Also check if a free repair kit is available.

  3. Stroller Reviews

    User reviews are always helpful when you buy any product, let alone a used stroller. You can go online and check for reviews on the stroller model you are interested in buying. Is it positive? Negative? What do users feel about its features? Once you go through some, you should get a fair idea as to how the stroller is.

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  4. What’s the Original Price of the Used Stroller

    Check out the original price of a brand new stroller model that you like. You may not be able to afford a new one but you can always buy it second hand. Strollers with cheaper original rates tend to break down sooner. My friend has had a similar experience with a stroller which was cheap when it was brand new but the used version didn’t last long.

  5. Don’t Just Look at the Price of the Stroller, Does it Meet Your Expectations?

    Just like when we go to buy a first-hand piece, you can get swayed buying a used stroller too. It is easy to fall for a stroller with a cheaper price or availability but if it doesn’t meet your needs, you might regret it later. So, always keep a list of must have features when you go looking for a used stroller. Check the list each time you see a stroller you like and buy one only when a stroller meets all your check points.

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Where to Find Used Strollers

Talk to your friends, relatives, neighbors and see if someone is selling their stroller. You can also look online for used strollers; you’ll find several options. There are many sites that sell used strollers, ebay is one of them. You can also check for parenting groups, newspaper, social media groups online, mobile apps, craigslist etc.

Useful Tips for Buying and Selling a Second Hand Baby Stroller on eBay

Tips for Buying and Selling a Second Hand Baby Stroller on eBay Some of the baby stroller models can be expensive, and depending on what you buy, the model you choose may also not come in use as your child grows up. Besides, if you have several kids, you really have to plan your transportation to ensure you keep your budget under control.

Budget is a constraint for most parents, but before you buy a ‘good enough’ stroller on a limited budget, it probably makes sense to checkout the option of buying it second hand (assuming you’re okay with it).

Second hand doesn’t have to be all dirty stuff; in fact you can get some amazing deals on some products. Besides, you can even turn this into a business model where you buy strollers that are an easy clean and then resell it for a profit.

Things to Keep in Mind While BUYING

  • Find the year, in which the stroller model was made (ask if the seller hasn’t specified it)
  • Know that most warranties do NOT transfer from owner to owner. You could still avail the benefit if the previous owner hasn’t registered it for warranty and can provide you with all the info like when and where it was bought.
  • Fewer pictures and shorter descriptions mean the sellers probably don’t know how to get the price for their products, an opportunity waiting for you to be explored further.

Things to Keep in Mind While SELLING

  • Provide detailed description. Don’t abbreviate. Instead of using the shortened term “BJCS”, say Baby Jogger City Select. Post several good pictures (from different angles). Potential buyers want to see clean, nice pictures of products.
  • Make sure you clean & wash everything, and don’t use pictures of the stroller with your child in it. Avoid writing “Has some dirt in it, but will easily wash out”, instead clean it and write “Its Perfectly clean as seen in the images”.
  • List everything, including the stroller accessories or boards, that comes with the stroller, even the obvious stuff that come bundled with the stroller.
  • List the reason why you want to sell it. People would want to know why you want to sell a perfect stroller. And remember, people like honesty so make sure your reasons look authentic.
  • Work out the absolute lowest price you could want from your item (after subtracting the eBay fees and paypal fees). Spell out your selling terms in detail.

I guess these are the main pointers. Whether you are selling something to fund a new stroller baby, or trying to get a better model for your limited budget, eBay can be an amazing place to find what you what. There’s definitely no harm in giving it a try!

Updated: February 26, 2018 — 8:50 am

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