Who Stole Porkchop’s Stroller

When a woman named Audrey Overton found that the stroller she uses for her daughter, Porkchop, had been stolen off of her front porch, she took to the internet to record a message, so that the thief could see it and return it back to its rightful owner. The video went viral, bringing Audrey widespread praise and, of course, the love of Rickey Smiley.

Translation: Which one of you petty ass, nappy neck, no edge, still wearing lace front and dookie braids ass hoes done stole my baby’s stroller off of my motherfucking porch. But I don’t know what the fuck you was thinking, Hoe. Cause its a motherfucking stroller. Which means your dumbass is going to be strolling. And there isn’t anywhere around here to stroll except for the motherfucking Yellow Store, Hoe.

And so when I catch you at that Yellow Store, I’m yanking that big pamper, sour bottle drinking, noodle eating, (panty line??) ass bitch ass baby of yours out up my baby’s shithole. Let me tell you something. And I’m gonna OOSAH upside your motherfucking head, Hoe. Cause you’re going to be stupid enough to steal the motherfucker instead of telling your baby daddy to get his dick out of DD Allen’s ass and go buy you motherfucking stroller, Hoe.

Depending on how nice you want it, you could sell a book or two of food stamps and get you a motherfucking stroller, Hoe. What the fuck makes you think I didn’t do that? However I got that motherfucker, Hoe, its mine. Cause if you think I’m going to tell on Porkchop’s big ass (out with that motherfucking head??) bitch, while you are strolling in my baby’s shit, you’ve done lost your rabid ass mind, Hoe. But I’m gonna give you 3 hours to bring my baby’s shit back to his motherfucking porch where you got not from.

Bitch, you know where, what porch you got it from. Bitch, (382 Foot Pineline, Apt 108 in the first foot home by the basketball court???) Little mama owns the apartment, Hoe. You got 3 hours to bring my baby’s shit. But see I’m sitting around here on Lee and Dan’s front porch now, Hoe. So you go and sneak that motherfucker around here, surprise me, have me a nice little surprise when I get back around there, Hoe.

I’m gonna put my foot so far up your motherfucking ass they are gonna need a tow truck to get that motherfucker out, big motherfucking Hoe. And as for that rat baby of yours in my baby’s shit… No no no. I won’t do anything to the baby, no no, I won’t. But he is getting out that motherfucker though, know that. Bitch cause I’m OoWee. Oo motherfucking Wee. Bitch its more than a name its a lifestyle. But Hoe you are gonna learn today.

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Updated: February 28, 2018 — 6:52 am

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