Stroller / Buggy Board: Top 7 Reasons to Use Kids Glider Boards

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Why Use Stroller BoardHere are top reasons why you need to consider getting a Stroller/Buggy Board.

Top Reasons to Use Stroller / Buggy Board

A baby stroller is a great product for babies, and a very convenient product for parents, who can carry on with their outdoor activities and still look after the child.

But as children grow up, they no longer want to be confined in that space. They want to look around, stand, run, and more importantly, they enjoy going for a ride.

That is where a Buggy Board (aka Stroller Board) comes in really handy.

  1. Its More Fun for Growing Children

    Taking your toddler on a Stroller board ride is the perfect solution for your child, who no longer enjoys being seated all the time.

    As kids start growing up, they enjoy activities that involve walking, running and really don’t want to be confined in the stroller all the time.

    They would definitely love the ride on the buggy board as they get the feeling that they are riding a bike. Even the view from the standing position is better, and your child will definitely enjoy it more.

  2. Safer & Less Tiring Than Walking

    Even though your child is growing up, you really don’t want him/her to walk outdoors on their own, until you are confident enough that they are really independent.

    Besides, if your child gets tired walking, he/she can always stand on the board (some board allows you to sit as well).

    Even though your toddler is standing on the stroller board, the way the board is attached to the stroller, your child will always be closer to your side, so they are really safe.

    A buggyboard is attached on the rear side of the baby stroller and they have to hold onto the stroller handle. These are wide enough for your toddlers feet, and best part is that your child will be placed between your hands, and be close to you as you push the stroller.

  3. Cost Effective Option

    And upgrading to a bigger or dual stroller means incurring more expense. Most parents do have a couple of stroller, and getting that heavy double stroller out every-time is a pain.

    A better solution is of course to get a toddler stand for your stroller.

    This will sort of convert your existing baby stroller to accommodate another child, albeit in the standing position, and do this at a fraction of the cost.

    This way you get to keep your existing stroller, and make it more usable as your child grows up.

    Why Use Stroller Board

  4. Easier to Manoeuvre than Double Strollers

    Compared to a double stroller, the board attached to a stroller is a more compact option and easy to manoeuvre, something that most parent would appreciate. Its easier to take it in narrow alleys, elevators and in shopping malls.

    When not in use, you can also easily fold it up or even detach it and keep it aside. With a stroller board, you really don’t need to buy lot of extra things to accommodate another child.

  5. Safer for Your Child

    When you’re at a crowded place or when you need to cross the road (or railway tracks), its best to have your kids closer to you. A stroller board ensures your child is safely within your arms and makes it convenient for you to safely take your kids from one place to another.

    Stroller boards may look like a small piece of accessory but the better quality ones are really sturdy and can cary children unto 45-50 lbs. Almost all boards comes with non-slip surface, which means your child can safely stand on the board. The better quality boards use good quality wheels and come with better built-in suspension which makes it easy to use them on various kinds of terrains (road, mud, sand, park, ground, etc).

  6. Use it to Keep Shopping Basket / Cooler

    The stroller board can be quite handy in other situations as well.

    There are many parents who buy a stroller board so that they can keep the shopping basket when in the grocery store, or keep a cooler when out on a sunny day, and most of them actually feel that its worth the investment for the convenience it offers.

  7. You Can Even Sit When Tired

    You do get stroller ride-on boards with a seat nowadays, but assuming you have the regular buggy board (the one without the seat), you can still make your child sit on it.

    Well, kids actually figure this out themselves, when they are dead tired (tired enough even to stand). We have seen kids sit on the buggy board with their feet in the shopping basket. Lot of kids like to sit on the board and hang their legs off.

    It does block their view, but then it works for them (at times).

Buggy standing board: Great for Toddlers

A Buggy standing board is a great baby product for a 2-3 year old toddler, and is a great alternative to a double stroller.

And even if you own a double buggy, you can still buy this as it will encourage your toddler to walk more. So a buggy board can be a great option in that case.

Lot of parents have been using a buggy standing board and they love the experience, and don’t feel the need for a double buggy. Kids loves riding on the buggy board, and it allows parents to walk very long distance with it.

The Buggy standing board can also be easily removed when not in use.

Options Available

Bugaboo, Englacha, Britax, Lascal are among the more popular buggy boards, although there are good ones from other brands as well. These are designed in such a way that they fits nearly 99% of all the buggies out there.

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These are of sturdy construction, the integral strap lifts the board up when it is not in use, and they are fairly high from the ground when in use which means it won’t get in your way while walking.

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Buggy Board Attachments for Your Stroller

The main Buggy board attachment is the board itself, the most popular brand being the one from Lascal, but now there are many more brands that sell these buggy attachments.

The ones from Lascal also comes with extra set of connectors, which makes them universal in nature. Those connectors help these boards to be attached to several different prams (brands).

It means you can use this board on your baby jogger city pram and also on my Maclaren stroller, using those extensions.

You also have the option of attaching a seat/saddle to the buggy board, provides more comfort to your toddler when tired.

A buggy board makes trips out with the little ones so much easier, and kids love using it too.

To Conclude

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to a double buggy, you should have a look around this site and see some of the options available, especially using the stroller board. Not only will it save you money, your child will also have something exciting to look forward to when you are outdoors!

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